New Våler Church Proposal / Martina Engblom & Ragnar Eythorsson

Courtesy of & Ragnar Eythorsson

As an attempt to translate the history and dignity this space possesses, the design proposal for the New Church by Martina Engblom & Ragnar Eythorsson presents visitors with an upraised monolithic structure, calling attention to what lies underneath to create a space for reflection. In calling attention to its existance, or lack there of, the substructural remains of the old church becomes the presumption for the new church. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Martina Engblom & Ragnar Eythorsson

A mass closes upon the space that once was and offers comfort to those who visit. The second aspect is the resonance of the old in the new. The new nave has the shape of the old and the recognition extends to the use of structural elements and material. The vertical elements have morphed but are still there. Wood has been used to span across distances and hights and in the same spirit we use it to heave the new church over the site of the old church.

Courtesy of Martina Engblom & Ragnar Eythorsson

On entering the church one needs to climb a flight of stairs to reach the vestibule and main space. The denseness of the structure dissolves as you enter and light is dispersed through wooden battens that make out the facade. The vestibule can either be separated from or be part of the ceremonial space, adjustable to the event taking place. The lower outside space is visually connected to the nave through four atriums, which also drain the roof. Hence the congregation can view the ruins of the old church and the sky at the same time, whilst seated during service.

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