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Bastard Store / studiometrico

  • 01:00 - 10 May, 2009
Bastard Store / studiometrico
Bastard Store / studiometrico

Bastard Store / studiometrico Bastard Store / studiometrico Bastard Store / studiometrico Bastard Store / studiometrico +61

From the architect. Italian practice studiometrico shared with us how they converted an old cinema in Milan, into the new  Bastard flagship store, which also includes a suspended bowl and offices for Comvert.

Skateboarders dreamed place to work.

The Clients

Founded in Milan in 1994 by four skateboarders, Comvert S.r.l. conceives, produces and distributes clothing for skateboarders and snowboarders under the brand bastard and distributes the brand Electric in Italy.

Few years ago Comvert decided that it was about time for finding a new location to set up its new headquarter and gave studiometrico the opportunity to search for the right building and then, possibly, to refurbish it.

The ideal place had to be spacious enough to be able to host the administrative department, the design department, a flagship store, a storage facility, a wide access for the goods and a skate-bowl for bastard employees, friends and team riders.

The existing building

Designed by engineer Mario Cavallé in the 40’s, Cinema Istria is a cinema theater with an overall surface of 1.400 sqm and an overall volume of 6.600 m³ occupied by the old pit and by a suspended balcony of 350 sqm. The roof of the building is composed by several arches in reinforced concrete. A 800 square meters ceiling light fixture is suspended under the vault through a steel construction.

Although it had been used by its last owner as a car dealer for some years, at the time of our first visit the Cinema theater was still able to show its original character. For this reason, and for its capacity to satisfy Comvert needs, it has been immediately perceived by designers and clients as a ‘unique place’. In 2006 the Cinema was purchased and in January 2007 the refurbishment started.

The Project

studiometrico has first observed and gathered information concerning habits, attitudes and wishes of Comvert employees. These collected data have been drawn up, presented and discussed in several meetings with the aim of defining a desirable and shared idea of ‘working together’. This idea could be translated in facts through the construction of working places that could facilitate a continuous communication between employees. Organizing Cinema Istria as a space and having it equipped with all the necessary infrastructure was extremely complex. Nevertheless the cinema has proved to be an incredibly adapt environment for the realization of architectural places that could respond to those needs that had already been focused on. All the activities that constitute the history, the culture and the world of bastard are put in a continuous physical and visual communication.

Bastard Store

The main entrance of the Cinema, a regular room of 70 sqm, has been transformed in the first bastard Store, conceived not only to sell products, but mainly to meet the people that belong to the bastard universe.

All of the furniture are mounted on wheels and can be freely placed on the original marble floor. The cashier desks and the clothes displays have been assembled using left-over wooden panels from the offices construction, the dressing rooms have been fitted out with the left-over wooden elements from the bastard Bowl. A system of wooden elements has been designed to display skateboards, sunglasses and goggles. Comvert partners collaborators and employees will work one shift a month in the shop so that they are in close contact with the product they usually design, distribute and sell.

Administrative Department

The half-moon shaped old foyer, flanked by two curved staircases leading to the upper balcony and connected through several glazed windows with the volume of the old pit, it’s a recurrent element in Mario Cavallé projects. It works as barycentric element of the cinema, it connects all the principal spaces and it joins the main axis of the building with the rotated axis of Via Slataper. The original marble floor lays on a slightly slanted plane, the stairs have solid curved wooden handrails, two light fixtures composed by metallic circular elements are placed on two pillars.

The administrative department offices have been organized on a larch platform that straightens the level of the floor and hosts the necessary electrical installations. Three banisters work as containers and provide the necessary privacy protecting the employees from the curious eyes of the visitors of the adjacent bastard Store.

Products Depot

In the 15 m tall and huge space of the old pit, against the wall on which the old screen used to lay, the metallic, black painted, two storey structure of the products depot has been placed.

The depot can be accessed from the administrative department or directly from a courtyard - connected with Via Slataper – that lays along one of the sides of the building.

One of the walls of the courtyard is characterized by an enigmatic  graffiti drawing done by artist and skateboarder Lorenzo Fonda. The products depot is the predominant element inside the volume of the pit and it doesn’t just act as a big container for the goods, but, more importantly, it carries and - through an industrial steep staircase attached to its structure - provides access to the bastard Bowl.

Design Department

This Department has been built on the slanted stepped surface of the balcony. This choice has provoked a structural and architectural challenge on one hand, and has permitted to positively respond to the problems related to the dynamics of work on the other. The balcony, suspended over the pit is, together with the bastard Bowl, the most spectacular element of the project. A steel structure has been fixed onto the existing concrete beams of the balcony to carry the different wooden platforms that modify and adjust the levels of the old steps without changing their nature. The platforms are fitted out with three-layered larch panels that constitute the banisters and the desks for the individual work stations.

The differences in levels provide privacy and exposition at the same time for the employees.


The lower steps of the balcony have not been modified. The original wooden floor and wooden banisters have been restored and the existing levels have not been adjusted in order to guarantee the access from the curved staircases from the lower foyer and to obtain a free, flexible open space. These lower steps are mainly used as showroom for the products that are presented to the sales representatives that sell them to more than 300 shops in Italy and abroad. The black-painted removable steel standers can be interchanged with the ones in the bastard Store and are characterized by two little ‘horns’ to recall the Comvert logo designed by studiometrico. The showroom can be used, from time to time, for informal meetings, video projections, fashion shows to present the collections or, more simply, as a chill-out area.

Bastard Bowl

Suspended at 6m over the products depot, placed in front of the design department, the bastard Bowl is too important not to find a location inside the new headquarter of a company founded by skateboarders. It is the pride, attraction and ‘dream that comes true’ for Comvert partners, employees, friends and team-riders. The idea of placing this 200 m² bowl on top of the products depot came from the need of saving space and from the desire of establishing a visual and spatial relation with the design department. The bastard Bowl is composed by glue laminated wooden element and steel curved beams, it has been designed by Comvert partners together with the engineer practice Atelier-LC and is a unique case in Italy.

Photographs by Giuliano Berarducci & studiometrico

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Bastard Store / studiometrico" 10 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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party · October 19, 2013

Hurrah! Finally I got a weblog from where I can truly obtain useful information concerning my study and knowledge.

Skatepark Zumiez · June 26, 2012

Another day at the office.

??''???''?? · June 21, 2012
IIIE · June 15, 2012

Bastard Store / studiometrico via @archdaily

Lucas Shier Esteban · May 03, 2012

@MariGisindajaus miiiiiiiiiiiiiira lo que te dije

Juliano Ferreira · April 21, 2012

Escolha só um para enviar seu CV.

Portal Design_BR · April 21, 2012

Escolha só um para enviar seu CV.

Alvaro Corral · February 24, 2012

Cool ya casi lo tenemos así aquí....

Marcos Aquino · February 23, 2012

Bastard Store / studiometrico | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Entasis · February 22, 2012

Bastard Store / studiometrico | ArchDaily via @archdaily

ettONE:: · February 22, 2012

Tienda de #SKATE con BOWL incluido en un antiguo #CINE italiano.
#arquitectura #rehab

ettONE:: · February 22, 2012

Bastard Store / studiometrico

Thaiana T. C. · February 22, 2012
carlota martin · November 27, 2011

Bastard Store / studiometrico via @archdaily #bowl #skate

Fran Milla · October 18, 2011

Tengo TODA esa pagina guardada en una carpeta. La primera vez que lo vi me quede ojiplatico @Psycholoser Chequea.

psycholoser · October 18, 2011

@franmilla Chequea.

Silvi dL · October 14, 2011

Tendras que visitar la "Tienda Bastarda" si te gusta el skate #design #arquitectura #skate

MissLeeWallas · September 16, 2011

Bastard Store / studiometrico | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Andrés Jáquez · August 14, 2011

#Skate Bastard Store. Via @ferarrieta

Ira Sanyal · July 16, 2011


Lew Slade · March 02, 2011

This place is a shop/office/skatepark...i WANT to work here!

TJ Prince · January 24, 2011

How much fun would it be to work here?

Árbol. Arquitectos · December 09, 2010

Excelente! Bastard Store / studiometrico | ArchDaily via @archdaily

alex raynes-goldie · December 06, 2010

awesome conversion of an old cinema into headquarters for a skateboard retailer–complete with skate-bowl! via @archdaily

latief sukresno · November 26, 2010
Luis Paredes F · November 10, 2010

Tengo secuelas del orgasmo mental causado por este proyecto . No lo supero

Luis Paredes F · November 10, 2010

Sorry, pero todavia no supero esat huevada, va de nuevo.

Nuno R · October 15, 2010

Isso sim que é um ambiente bom para trabalhar!

IndySQUARED · August 29, 2010

What to do, what to do . . . Gotta old cinema just sitting around but not quite sure how to reuse it? WELL THEN...

Michael B O · August 09, 2010

The remodel of an old theater into the Bastard/Comvert store & office is 1 of the coolest things I have ever seen:

Stephanie Bayer · July 29, 2010

This is the prettiest skate store I have ever seen: - there is a floating bowl to skate on above the store! #design

Sebastian U. · July 27, 2010
andres izurieta · July 25, 2010

Bastard Store / studiometrico | ArchDaily

o0 · July 24, 2010

Architecture: Bastard Store by studiometrico [Pictures] - (via @archdaily) #design #architecture

Fernando Fontanella · July 24, 2010

essa ai vai pro @marcellopskt e @marcofontanella -

Matt Grant · July 24, 2010

architecture meets skatepark

Antonia Bustamante · July 24, 2010

Bastard Store / studiometrico :)

kensho · July 22, 2010
Quentin Mahé · July 08, 2010

Skateboarders dream office is in Milan! -

Chris Bamborough · June 23, 2010

A bit old but still amazing, Cinema conversion with a wooden skatebowl / studiometrico | ArchDaily

Siobhan Curran · May 29, 2010

We could convert an old theatre in Newcastle to a skate shop with a suspended bowl, just like this one

Andy Gordon · March 23, 2010

the greatest workplace on earth (via @viceuk)

luke williams · March 22, 2010

If i had to work in an office i&#39d want it to be like this · March 11, 2010

Now that&#39s what I call a skate shop: #skateboard #snowboard #xgames

Karin Watson · March 04, 2010

Bastard Store/studiometrico win interiors Building of the Year

Luca · February 24, 2010

I wish I could skate there one day!
Keep Surfing, Snowboarding and Skating

jep · March 30, 2010 02:34 PM come to visit us.

Fabrizio Martire · February 19, 2010

Bastard Store hq in milan -

Cheyanne · February 02, 2012 09:52 AM

I appreciate you taking to time to cornibtute That's very helpful.

Mauro Toffanin · February 18, 2010

RT @drunkenbones: E adesso godete!

Luca Soffici · February 18, 2010

RT @drunkenbones: E adesso godete!

titties · February 18, 2010
alga · February 15, 2010

Geppo sei il capo!!!

Marc O Riain · January 22, 2010

Fantastic refurbishment and retail experience. I want this client. I looks innovative, affordable and ground breaking. Its tongue in cheek stuff, fun and noisy I'll bet! This makes the retail experience not just a purchase but a cultural event. Spot on. Well Done!

jep · January 20, 2010

UK website recently published a technical overview of the bowl with focus on construction issues/solutions and software used:

mike · January 20, 2010

grandi! un saluto dal profondo sud!

Ivan SKTND · May 15, 2009

Pretty cool people, nice atmosphere and perfect transitions. A good place to skate among friends. All the best for these "Bastard" people.
Greetings from Asturias!

zak · May 14, 2009

looks expensive...but rad!

DavidLang · May 14, 2009


SkatRadioh · May 12, 2009


The Swede · May 12, 2009

It's quite amazing what those lazy italians can do when they decide to do some work!!!

Dita · May 12, 2009

Amazing project! An excellent integration of the old cinema and the new space! Now, I'd wished I actually skateboard or work with Bastard.

luca66 · May 11, 2009

i'm proud to know people like the "Bastard crew" . Creative,innovative,like no other. ciao

Ale zuek simonetti · May 11, 2009

Well... Except Berlusconi at the power, pizza-mafia-mandolino.., I'm proud to be Italian!
Great thing guys!!

o+c · May 11, 2009

Amazing project. Wood/Steel relationship is delicious.

francis · May 11, 2009

Unfortunately, the opportunity to link architecture with recreation is missed. Possibly financial? Should have considered "connecting" the bowl to the upper balcony, thus, providing a "complete" skate park experience. As is, the functions are quite separate - deliberate perhaps, but it is a potential lost. The thesis didn't argue for a bolder approach - the doctrine of skating.

The Rolex Learning Center by SANAA would probably contribute more to a complete skating experience. Of course they are of different scale. Anyhow, there are better approaches to cinema/theatre conversions.

Steve James-Royle · May 11, 2009

As a skater and designer its awesome to see both come together in such an amazing project! Congrats to both designers and client for having the vision and balls to do such a project.

the dude · May 11, 2009

AMAZING,,,,u rockkk

roberto albigi · May 11, 2009

you at bastard rule!!!! ...and ...very nice work people at studiometrico..ciao Gros and others at bastard

me · May 11, 2009

this is for all of those stuck up architects.
love it!

Antonio Conroy · May 11, 2009

I was at the opening party, it is a fantastic project.

Congratulations SM!

Ominaeshi · May 11, 2009

This is what I call INSPIRATION! Good job!

Aleksandar · May 11, 2009

I like the damn Bastard ;)

Terry Glenn Phipps · May 10, 2009

This is an absolutely outstanding project, with perfect pitch and tension between respect for the original architecture, engineering, and the new invigorated life of the space. It is really rare to see anything so perfectly executed. The project is also completely without pretense.

It is, also, great to see a relaxed working environment that celebrates people and fun being built, especially in Italy. Other examples that I have seen in the country of attempts to recreate the Google culture and working environment just come off as provincial and embarrassing. This project, on the other hand, shows a tight relationship between the style of the company and the architectural result. To my eye this project is a ten out of ten.

Terry Glenn Phipps

tomi · May 10, 2009

very goddamn cool! and good too!


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