Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong: BUBBLE X / vGH Company

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As we have recently shared with you the third place winner of the international competition to design a Night Club Hotel in the dense city of , we now present to you the second prize winning proposal. Designed by the young, Marseille-based architecture firm vGH Company, BUBBLE X is an object of desire that promises “the existence of a carnal place where sensuality, eroticism and exhilaration prevail.”

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Section - Courtesy of vGH Company

BUBBLE X will be a place which draws inspiration from the satisfied and unsatisfied fantasies and sex drives. This project materializes the movement of liquid as the corporal fluid, which runs down the body during the moments of excitation.

Night Club - Courtesy of vGH Company

As an adrenaline rush waving particles through the veins, inner surfaces made in red latex spread over the tower to corrupt his heart. Moving and lightness of bubbles create duality between rest spaces and living spaces in the building.

Bubble - Courtesy of vGH Company

Living, partying, sleeping : the project subtly dissociates two types of programs in their volumes and areas. Hotel rooms are designed as modular standardization, representing metal skin of the tower. The housing that surrounds the site participates in this modular facade.

Skybar - Courtesy of vGH Company

The building’s interior draws attention through its color and transparency. You could imagine the figures held prisoner within the building being projected as a shadow puppet.

Our aim was to simplify the contrasting program of the building and organize the tower in a way that gives customers’ clear routes throughout. The project represents a large variety of recreation programs, marked by bubble’s plastic themes: sports, food, nightclub and business.

Passageways - Courtesy of vGH Company

The way of connecting the tower with its context had to be a catalyst that would allow the building capture the attention of pedestrians’ and entice them to enter.

Courtesy of vGH Company

The raised dancing floors are designed by volumes made with tubes that are integrated into the urban landscape. These volumes are cantilevered, allowing the space to vaunt over the public area and act as yet another teaser enticing pedestrians to enter the BUBBLE X.

*Project description was provided by vGH Company.

Check out the third place winning proposal here: Elevated Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong / Urbanplunger.

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  • Marcin Domurad

    It’s awful.

  • Rita

    Beautiful architecture which take a great dimension in the city.

  • J

    Interesting idea. I dont understand the diagram with the three naked ladies though. Does the building attract 50′ tall woman and get them naked? Also the red lava lamp in the middle looks like the red matter in star trek.