Giveaway: Win a copy of Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand, by Harry Charrington and Vezio Nava

Great news everybody! Thanks to Rakennustieto Publishing we have 4 copies of Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand, by Harry Charrington and Vezio Nava. To win one of the copies you must become a registered user in ArchDaily and answer the following question in the comments: Which project should be featured in our AD Classics section? We already have a few so check them out so you don’t repeat them:

- Riola Parish Church
- Jyvaskyla University
- Villa Mairea
- MIT Baker House Dormitory

Remember you have to comment as a registered user to participate! We’ll be announcing the winners next Tuesday. And don’t forget to follow us through Twitter and Facebook for more amazing giveaways. Good luck!

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Giveaway: Win a copy of Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand, by Harry Charrington and Vezio Nava" 21 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Cameron Bickert

    I would like to see the, Maison Louis Carré.
    Also would love a copy of this book!

    • Dan Toole

      I would like to see the Säynätsalo Town Hall with some seriously good drawing documentation.

  • patricio andrade

    Paimio Sanatorium

    should be featured its a beautiful building.

    • Jason Buchheit

      I second this one… incredible.

  • Rodrigo

    Vyborg Library

  • Jeimis Ramos Monori

    Villa Mairea

  • Henning Hesse

    residential highrise (Aalto-Hochhaus) in Neue Vahr, Bremen

  • Ovidiu Munteanu

    Villa Mairea

  • Melcas Lim

    Mount Angel Abbey Library, Mount Angel, Oregon.

    • Mike Kinnunen

      I second the Mount Angel Abbey Library, otherwise the Rovaniemi Library and Town Hall.

  • Lucila Bertazza

    Saynatsalo Town Hall

  • james taylor

    Southwestern Finland Agricultural Cooperative Building

  • Igor Snegar

    Auditorium of the University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland (1949-66) i would love to have this book in my library.

  • Siva K

    Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland

  • Matt Sawyer

    100% has to be the Aalto House.

    Brilliantly designed and very functional. Well thought out and everything is orientated perfectly.

    Got to be a winner!

  • Axel Deeke

    Mi personal choice would go for one of the house projects that he did…the “1923 Villa Manner” should definitively be featured. Hope to get a copy of that book!

  • Axel Deeke

    The Villa Manner, 1923 ! His house projects are betiful!

  • Iulia Radion

    I would love to find out more about the Saynatsalo Town Hall

  • Samuel Y.

    I love the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany

  • Giedre Baltusyte

    me too :)

  • Filippo De Francesco

    I think you should definitely opt for the 1949-1952 Säynätsalo Town Hall in Finland. It is a remarkable building, made simply with bricks but superb talent and craftmanship.

  • Michelle Fowler

    The Finnish Pavilion, both Paris (1937) and New York (1938-39)

  • Erin Fox

    I’d have to second the Paimio Sanatorium.

  • Mohammed Mansoor

    Jyvaskyla University Is my favorite it has an amazing quality of natural lighting…

  • Wonyeop Seok

    my favorite architect!!! the mark of his hand! I wanna feel it!!!

  • Christoph Habbig

    Villa Mairea

  • Oskars Kotello

    Finlandia hall

  • Mohammed Mansoor

    Jyvaskyla University is my favorite it has amazing quality of lighting..

  • Paul Massignani

    MIT Baker House Dormitory, please! Thank you for putting together the giveaway -

  • Francesca Palmerini

    Helsinki University of Technology in Espoo.
    Where i’m going to do a workshop within some weeks :)

  • Toma? Lenart

    Viipuri Library

  • Paul Massignani

    MIT Baker House Dormitory, please!

  • Jose Ignacio Sarua

    i’d like to see The Experimental House, Muuratsalo !!
    and of course säynätsalo town hall !
    I’d love to win the book ! :D