House on the road to Farellones / Max Nuñez & Bernardo Valdes

Architects: Max Núñez B., Bernardo Valdés E.
Location: Camino a Farellones, , Chile
Collaborator: Nicolás del Río L.
Site Area: 7000 mts2
Constructed Area: 230 mts2
Project Year: 2004/2005
Construction Year: 2005/2006

The design proceeds from the particularities of the terrain, its slope, its vegetation, its views and the requirements of the client, a single man who permitted the architects to redefine the program of a single-family house and to turn it into a single-person one in a spot that allows him to get away from the city and to live in a close relationship with the landscape of the Andean foothills.

The topography is interrupted by an 8x36m horizontal plane running north-south against the slope. The platform generates a stable and continuous surface area that includes a guest room, a patio, a pavilion, a terrace and a pool, which occupy its entire length.

The heavy surface of the patio, raised 70cm above the level of the platform, is defined by the base of a pre-existing hawthorn tree. The pavilion is a enclosure beneath a light-weight roof, dark in color, an almost empty space from where the gaze traverses the in the direction of the foothills, the deep valley, the pines and the space immediately outside, taking in every field of vision the terrain offers.

The pavillion harnesses the sun but controls it by means of eaves and curtains. Two sliding windows, one in the north and the other in the south, enable the pavilion to be ventilated by making use of the wind that comes up through the valley. Hanging over the slope, the terrace and the reflecting pool completely open up the landscape. The water reflects the light on the ceiling of the pavilion and keeps things fresh in the high summer temperatures.

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  • Archenx

    environmentally friend house. thanks.

    by the way,

    please double check your spelling before make the release. ” permited / continous/ pavillion/ inmediatly/ colo(u)r” should be corrected.

  • yuqing china

    Looked at this housing, feels good, thereupon attempts in Google Earthseeks, and had found it, now sends its grid reference, for the peoplewhich has the interest go to “the scene and periphery” have a look,ha-ha.

    Google Earth Grid reference: 33°22’1.47″S 70°29’22.56″W

    看了这个住宅,不错,于是尝试在Google Earth找他,并且找到了它,现在把它的卫星图片及座标发上来,供有兴趣的朋友去“现场及周围”看看 ,呵呵。
    座标:33°22’1.47″S 70°29’22.56″W

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  • dud

    Besides the spelling mistakes, there are a few photos of another project. The central photo of the third row of the grid, and the right photo of the fourth row are from the Ring Stadium.
    A suggestion, it would be nice if you implement the picture gallery with AJAX, so you don’t have to go to another page to watch them bigger…Anyway keep on with the internationalization of the plataformas, you’ve done an excellent blog!!

  • Riki

    Nico! Wake up

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  • LargoJax

    Stunning use of materials, space and colour. A very good example of modern preacticality. A comfortable house with views to die for!

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  • Сергей Ларионов

    Хотите жить в Чили? Нет?! А тут: ЗЫ – что-то сегодня много Латинской Аиерики))

  • Ana
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  • mauro porrino

    Reading: "House on the road to Farellones / Max Nuñez & Bernardo Valdes | ArchDaily"( )

  • juan

    love to see modern projects with a sweeper and salad dress on the table so they look like a living place not like a architecture pavillion