New Academy of Art in Hangzhou / Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio


Here’s another amazing project designed by Wang Shu, photographed by Iwan Baan. This building, located in Hangzhou – China, mixes traditional chinese architecture with a contemporary way of rethinking these ancient ideas.

All the photographs by Iwan Baan after the break.

Cite: "New Academy of Art in Hangzhou / Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio" 27 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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      I agree that it is a bit of a mess but there are parts that are gorgeous…it needs some editing, to be sure, but I don’t agree with your wholesale trashing of the project. Instead of seven elements crashing around three good ones would suffice.

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      well lets see. …you are nobody and he is a pritzker prize holder. so insted of unlishing your common architect EGO, stop and think and maybe learn the building insted of blurping your nonsece/ all you have here are some photos nothing more… there is much more to this building

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        that mindset is completely ludricous .. learn from everything and criticize everything. it doesn’t matter that they are pritzkers or not.justs because someone got it doesn’t make them a god.
        (but about judging buildings on mere photos, yes that is true. it is very hard to do and probably shouldn’t be done. the buildings could be quite nice, the only way to know for sure is to go there)

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    They let their interns go a little CAD-crazy with those facades. And I’m pretty sure this whole complex is just a collection of confused facades.

    Too bad, with some rich materials to work with.

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    I totally agree with t.glenn phillips. There’s nothing vernacular about it…just a kitsh reproduction of some clichés of chinese architecture. There’s no actual concept, just quotations western comtemporary architecture blended with a little something of chinese feeling.Makes me remember the chinese restaurants in the west whose food as little or anything to do with the original chinese food…it just wants to seem chinese

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    If I didn’t know better I’d assume that these images were taken from 5 or 6 different buildings.. There are some parts of it that look nicely handled, but overall, I agree with Terry, it’s a mess.. They need to reign in the chaotic stylistic approach by several notches.

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    What an amazing project- extremely beautfiul !

    It is great to see there are some architects in china who really considerate its history and culture of the country in the design process.
    WangShu is perhaps the very best among them. Much better than other chinese star architects such as ‘Ma Yansong’ if we judge them solely by the sensual qualties of their buildings emanate.

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    so amazing 很強的語彙組合,將很多現代建築與中式建築元素融合.並善用材料的質感,創新使用材料的可能性.期待能看見更多 王樹建築師將瓦..等有趣的元素應用到極致的作品. looking forward next!! Great material composition.

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    very nice masonry work. Use very low cost material beautifully.
    Some of the facades are very nice thought out, but a lot of them are not.
    I am a Chinese, after seeing a couple different buildings by Wang Shu and his masonry construction teams, I started to feel they are getting less and less interesting.
    However, I do agree that Mr. Wang is among one of the very best contemporary architect in China.
    If he is just focusing working on one building, instead of working on a whole campus, his work is stunning.

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    It make me depress! every where is so dark, so cold except wooden parts. I think it is really good but for robots!

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    There are some brilliant moments lost in the complexity of the overall scheme. The two wood panelled walls facing each other in the sixth image is rather elegant. The vertical stone sunscreens on the long facade is also a nice texture. I also like the forms of the curving roofs and even the semi randomness of the external stair cases and ramps. However when you take the whole thing together it just doesn’t blend into a cohesive whole. I think these issues are rather common with projects in china. Often they are just too big and firms aren’t given the appropriate time to fully develop the concepts. That said I think this actually does a good job referencing the context and traditional chinese building culture. The materiality, white washed walls, flowing peaked roof and masonry are all prevalent throughout this region of China.

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    我觉得是次很好的尝试 至少我没这本事
    这是个真正的建筑 但不一定很好使用
    PS:其实我一直不喜欢王澍 他很张狂而且理论太虚 有点黄老邪的感觉

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    Questioning the budget and time frame for delivering such a large scale project is relevant. Perhaps bureaucratic issues too? The thing I like about Amateur Architecture Studio is that there their architecture seem to be style-less. A pair or three sweeps of roof in seemingly “Chinese style” is hardly referencing Chinese kulture. The relationship between the buildings and the in-between space need to be appreciated better – this can only be read with an over view of the planning. I find it hard to place a judgement from those photographs alone. The textures speak for itself.

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