Great IKEA ads by Jung von Matt

German designer Jung von Matt designed this great for IKEA latest campaign. Seen at Core77. All the ads, after the break.

Thanks Martín Bravo for the tip!

Cite: P, Amber. "Great IKEA ads by Jung von Matt" 21 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    I think the campaign has forgotten that many day to day people do not sufficiently know how to read or engage with an architectural plan.

    I’m a big advocate of good minimal clean graphics, but this… I don’t know what it’s trying to sell. It’s far from evoking one’s ‘dream home’, with next to nothing in offering a sense of inhabitation.

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    I have to admit that if it wasn’t pointed out to me I would have failed to spot that there was a ‘word’ in the plan.. Interesting idea but I’m not sure if the execution is clear enough to work as an advertising campaign.

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    my pattern recognition must not be up to par because I couldn’t quite put it together… I see it clear as day now though.

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    it’s just a simple idea. no work of art there.

    and no one here at the office got it at first look. i guess architects have more difficulty in getting abstracted enough to see something other than a floor plan. a bad floor plan.

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    I just saw plans at first but once you see the words there’s no way back. like the labrador illusion. Wonder if thats just because words are so familiar or if the fact these would make for terrible plans has any influence.

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    ha ha ha.

    for a long time i’ve been so annoyed by the tone on this forum. it’s hard to find a place where people are more critical. guess this is just the way architects are. pretty frustrated, dreaming about recognition, but in the meantime complaining about almost every new project they see. i can do it better! poor plan! that section needs work. bla bla bla.

    we could all learn by being more positive towards eachother.

    great ikea-ad btw.

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    wonderful point you made. the idea of the IKEA ad is terrific – I appreciate its playfulness. as architects (or architecture students) we are often very critical, but every now and then it would do a world of good to just look, and be more positive.

    lovely, IKEA.

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