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In his interview with Renzo PianoRob Gregory of Architectural Review discusses architecture, responsibility and innovation within the field.  Piano talks about architecture is being a highly considered inquiry into the process of making because “architecture is more lasting and profound” and if it is done wrong, with the wrong intentions and assumptions, then “it is wrong for a long time”.  In regards to his work, speaks about the “good and bad stories” that surround buildings.  Mentioning The Shard in London, designed in partnership with Hunter Douglas and Pompidou Centre, designed in collaboration with Richard Rogers, Piano reflects on the role of architecture in a city as a public building and cultural magnet.

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Renzo Piano has been involved with many cultural projects over the course of his career, which began in 1964.  The public buildings that he speaks about, particularly The Shard, expresses the building, not as an object, but as an integral part of the city.  He describes it as a “vertical city” of many programs and attractions for different people, day and night uses, and the way in which it interacts with the elements.  He also speaks about the challenges associated with each project – cultural, political, economic, technological, structural.

Courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Be sure to check out The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center by Renzo Piano Building Workshop scheduled to begin construction Spring 2012 and the Satellite Whitney Museum, which has already broken ground in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan near the Highline.  For more on Renzo Piano click here.

Courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop

AR Innovators is a series of interviews by Architectural Review that “talk about new ways of thinking and designing that will create the buildings and cities of tomorrow”.  There are interviews available from some of the leading architects of today.

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    Fairly honest interview from the Master craftsman Piano.

    In summary, he tries to address conflicting issues relates in building design such as Necessity vs Desire…

    Personally, sorry to see that his ‘Crafted Architecture by components’(he also calls it ‘Piece’ in the interview)
    shows a sign of mannerism these days….

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    Nitpicky, maybe… but the interviewer is meeting with one of the top five living architects, and he can not wear a suit…? Really?

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    great interview; it is always very inspiring to hear the master speak so simply and yet so profoundly.

    funny thing is the contrast between the gentleman Piano and the party boy from the 70′s

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    Renzo is a big architect and is an architect inspiring for my future projects..

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    Hello mr piano
    this is ali ghiami .
    I am one of your advocates, I believe you as my master , I’m studying
    civil engineering in iran that I don’t like in my country I can not
    improve the same as you are. I want to study in a foreign country in
    one of the best universities in italy in usa or other advanced
    countries, my dreamed master.
    I have a good talent of designing and my grads are the best ,if you
    can i want you to teach me and help me to come with you.
    thankfully,your best advocates ali ghiami.

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