Hangzhou Waves / JDS


JDS has just been awarded first prize for their Hangzhou Waves scheme – a competition entry that called for the design of not one, but two buildings for the financial district of Hangzhou Xintiandi of Hangzhou, .    The two sloping volumes offer different exterior expressions and hold different programmatic entities (a hotel and an office building); yet, the forms are guided by similar attitudes regarding sunlight, green roofs, an active ground plane, etc, which immediately creates a strong relationship between the pair.

More about the winning competition entry after the break.


Placed nearly back-to-back, the buildings seemingly mirror each other as  the hotel’s pixelated terraced volumes rise to their highest point around an inner courtyard, and the office building’s sleek profile elegantly slopes down to a more public scale, providing views of the surrounding park and canal.

Check out JDS’ series of diagrams which illustrate the proposal’s emphasis on creating two different structures derived from the same principles:







Project: Office space + Hotel
Budget: Confidential
Type: Invited competition
Size: 120.000 m2
Client: Xin Tian Di
Status: Settled 2011
Location: Hangzhou, China
Team: JDS, MUDI, China CUC
JDS Partner in Charge: Julien De Smedt
Project Leader: Junhee Jung, Charlotte Lieske
Project Team: Andrew Griffin, Henning Stüben, Francisco Villeda, Gladys Greyl

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Hangzhou Waves / JDS" 27 Dec 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=195727>
  • Corb

    Diagrams are the great architectural cliche of this generation.

    • usier

      There’s nothing cliche about diagrams in general. There’s a lot wrong with repeating the same ‘solutions’ for every design problem.

      • Orion

        The problem comes when diagrams are naively and directly presented in the built object

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  • dd

    BIG or what? terrible!!

    • povilas

      once upon a time there was an office called PLOT. one day it spit up in two: BIG and JDS. The fact that you know BIG better, does not forbid JDS to have similar style.

    • Claus

      From 2001 till 2006 Bjarke Ingels and Julien De Smedt where forming the office “PLOT” together.

  • Josep


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  • Lee

    Ha ha! they are Chinese .

  • Allan

    I think the entrance for the offices needs change and the white color is OUT.

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  • Rotterio

    The diagrams look like Ministry of Design’s diagrams for Vanke Triple V… or is it the other way round? MOD, BIG, JDS… they’re all family, aren’t they??

  • Diogo Gambonni

    No one OWNS the diagram rights. Everyone can use! It’s a tool, not a style. This is a simple and illustrative solution to show how the concept begins and how it finishes. They’re in architecture for years, but it got more “popular” with some Danish architects like BIG and JDS.