Eegoo Offices / dEEP Architects


Architects: dEEP Architects
Location: ,China.
Principal Architect: Li, Dao de
Floor area: 2300sqm
Client: eegoo Culture
Photographs: DEEP, ZERO GC



The new Beijing office for eegoo is the antithesis to the office typology where traditionally the cubical dominates the organization and shape of the program. As some will argue, form follows function. Conversely, what can be experienced is a flow of form and circulation generated by a cellular sequence. The cell structure generates a congruent office environment while enlisting a variable of juxtaposing functions not typically found in the typology. The Beijing eegoo office is a space for open discussions and decision making to be accord; an office where ideas can flow freely from the private to the public, from cell to cell.


A nodal organization sequence is given to the program, in which generated cells range in size and use, from private offices to a library and a cafe. The circulation meanders around the building’s core and swells in size to accommodate surrounding functions. The path is largest near the larger public cells of the café and materials library, and narrower around the smaller private offices.


The treatment of surfaces imitates the flowing experience, expressed as a gradient of soft to hard materials. The reception desk features liquid-like ripples, where as a canopy near the small offices is made of faceted cells. Likewise, the function of each surface expresses a gradient where walls flow to become either the ground or ceiling creating the cells’ membrane.


The smaller cells have the ability to fuse and create larger public private spaces. The central meeting room is organized by three smaller cells which can be expanded into one large cell. Each cell is articulated with suggestive boundaries, one half a permanent wall or frame, the other half a pliable material like a curtain to allow for the spaces to fuse together and create general assemblages. Mimicking this concept, the office table can be separated into three smaller meeting tables to be used in the new spaces.


The space effortlessly contracts and expands to emulate the dynamics of the eegoo office in the present moment. As the office is working as individuals, walls and curtains divide the space into smaller, intimate rooms or cells. When the office is sharing ideas, the walls are removed, creating larger cells where conversations will cross boundaries.

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  • flavin

    this reminds me a lot to Zaha Hadid

    • Demian

      This guy worked for Foster. I remember in one of his previous posts on Archdaily; for temporary disaster shelter – he posted some spaghetti nonsense project, and got heat for it.

  • Yuyang Wang

    Intensive experience… i wish to travel~