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Incheon Tri-bowl / iArc Architects

  • 01:00 - 12 December, 2011
Incheon Tri-bowl / iArc Architects
Incheon Tri-bowl / iArc Architects, © Youngchae Park
© Youngchae Park

© Youngchae Park © Youngchae Park © Youngchae Park © Youngchae Park +13

From the architect. Goals of the project: Creating a landmark, central park of Song Do

Special considerations: Reflecting image, representation of the ocean from the Incheon Harbor

Unique design requirements: Multi-Use building for exhibition, performance, and social gathering

© Youngchae Park
© Youngchae Park

The Incheon Tri-bowl is started with the idea being against to general thoughts about architecture. It is composed of a curved floor with a flat roof instead of a flat floor with a curved roof of general architecture. This memorial hall is basically used for exhibitions and is designed to have a wide ceiling for those exhibitions. LED lambs, composing the ceiling, make different information available on those at any times. The structure is floating on a rectangular reflection pond and patrons will be entering it through a long bridge passing underneath of the mass.

© Youngchae Park
© Youngchae Park

The interior was finished with a transparent material and also a lightweight structure with being separated to the shell body. The circulation of patrons is in the trace of a continuous cubic curve which is making multiple actions like circling, going up and down and etc. There are service space consisted of rooms for exhibition, performance and rest as well as office space. The exhibition and performance space can accept about 400 people and the patrons can see the exhibits hanging from the ceiling through the trace of a cubic curve. It is mainly a one-way curved surface from a free curve and a conic curve under the shell body. The exterior is finished with exposed concrete on the lower part of the shell while the upper part of the shell is finished with aluminum panels.

© Youngchae Park
© Youngchae Park

Incheon Tri-bowl is an uncommonly seen project that reverses the common understanding of an architectural space. Unlike the accustomed architecture space that applies small differences to the flat floor and ceiling, the Tri-bowl creates a free-curved floor under a flat ceiling. The building is used as a gallery space, in which the flat ceiling itself was planned from the beginning to be used as an exhibit, which lead us to the solution of giving a radically shaping the floor of the building rather than the ceiling. This structure floats on a reflecting pond where there is a long bridge the visitors can enter under the extreme structure. The bridge continues inside the building and acts as the main circulation of the building. The programmatic space consists of an exhibition/theater space and service/relaxation space. The exhibition/theater space can accommodate up to 400 people, where visitors can also view the exhibition pieces of work that hang on the ceiling structure.

© Youngchae Park
© Youngchae Park
Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Incheon Tri-bowl / iArc Architects" 12 Dec 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Pathetic and awful · February 20, 2013

... I am pretty sure that I will absolutely be able to find out those pathetic and awful such copies from even cataneo pietro and gust's works. Everything made of the impression from "the copies". Those are the another creative works and should be considered as pure creation. Wake up guys. Oh, I have just a question. Have you ever been there ?

Nick Channon · August 17, 2012

Love this. Seems to just float above the ground opening up all that public space

??? ?™ ?(?.?)? · June 04, 2012

@ib_says beyond coolness! Incheon Tri-bowl / iArc Architects | ArchDaily via @archdaily

RoyalPlaza on Scotts · May 19, 2012

Incheon Tri-bowl #architecture

Yu.Mats · February 17, 2012

????Big Bang - Beatiful Hangover( Architects?Incheon Tri-bowl(

giacomo abbà · January 08, 2012 @plethoraapp

cataneo pietro · December 19, 2011

Pathetic and awful copy of niemeyer's project.

Those who talk about "elegance", seriously, you don't have even an impression of what elegance and aesthetics really is.

Asuka · December 18, 2011

Incheon&#39dan Youncshae Park Tri-bowl

DerMarkus · December 16, 2011

Incheon Tri-bowl via @archdaily beautiful #architecture #design

Antje · December 16, 2011

Incheon Tri-bowl via @archdaily beautiful #architecture #design

resti luthfita · December 15, 2011

I wonder how much people thinks about something like this when they hear "architecture"

Luis Bolaños · December 15, 2011

two similar excercises on form, and a well executed hyperbolic paraboloid metalic facade: -

Franz Spitaler · December 14, 2011

Incheon Tri-bowl / iArc Architects | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Lourdes G. Cerezuela · December 14, 2011

opposed to the conventional:

George Mokhtar · December 14, 2011

I wonder how much people thinks about something like this when they hear "architecture"

jane · December 14, 2011

actually i've been there and the inside is quite elegant.. different from the outside though. i don't think you can compare the two

Aziz Aljumaa · December 14, 2011

I wonder how much people thinks about something like this when they hear "architecture"

patricio guerrero · December 14, 2011

I wonder how much people thinks about something like this when they hear "architecture"

Alejandro Lopez · December 14, 2011

I wonder how much people thinks about something like this when they hear "architecture"

Minjae Lee · December 14, 2011

It is a really impressing architecture. Even the shape looks like UFO, I like this form. But as I live in Incheon, South-Korea, I checked the site on the google map on this page. But I found out it points to the Inchoen City hall not this building in Songdo. It takes around 30mins to get Songdo from Incheon City hall. I ve passed through Songdo just several times not looking around there, It makes me wanna visit Songdo Thanks!!

Roger A Rodriguez II · December 14, 2011

I wonder how much people thinks about something like this when they hear "architecture"

Rafael Ortiz Correa · December 14, 2011

espero que cuando piensen en arquitectura, piensen en esta foto #arquitectura

gusta · December 13, 2011

Niemeyer has already done this much better and much more elegant at least 50 years ago.
And if you ever go there, you will notice that this design is not so gracefull from the inside compare to outside.
come on people it´s 2011, we can do better than that.

guga · December 14, 2011 06:39 PM

This is way better than Niemeyer's current "work".
This is what he would be doing if he had evolved, oppose to that pathetic copy of his own 50's designs he got stuck to the last 20 years.

isla · December 13, 2011 06:48 PM

Really, can you? Not necessary to be that agressive...


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© Youngchae Park

仁川三碗展馆 / iArc Architects