Reverse Effect: Renewing Chicago’s Waterways / Jeanne Gang

Our friends from recently sent us their new book Reverse Effect. ”The culmination of a yearlong collaboration between Studio Gang Architects and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Reverse Effect is dedicated to exploring the importance of the Chicago River and the possibilities for its 21st-century transformation. Both an information-rich resource and a catalyst for action, this book’s diverse content, perspectives, and visions illuminate potential trajectories for the future of our city.”

006 Introduction: Jeanne Gang
008 Timeline CAWS and Effect

018 Essay Cargo, Crap, and Carp: Henry L. Henderson, Thomas Cmar, Karen Hobbs, and Elizabeth Corr; NRDC

030 Perspective: Abby Lantz, Ed Makauskas, Lynn Osmond, Rick Graham, John Edel

040 Case Study Philadelphia, Kolkata, Xochimilco, Falkirk: Jeanne Gang
046 New Visions Divided Waters: A Hyrdological Barrier and Center for Limnology at Bubbly Creek: Harvard Graduate School of Design / ARCH 1319; Spring 2011 Option Studio

092 Case Study Freshwater Invasives Species in Great Britain: Dr. Reuben P. Keller, Loyola University Chicago
098 Perspective Opening Up a New Public Space: Kari Lydersen, Chicago News Cooperative
104 Essay Next River: Jeanne Gang
114 Glossary
116 Contributions & Acknowledgements

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