Frank Gehry Turns to Asia as Development Slows in the U.S.

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Star architect, , attempts to survive the decline of U.S. growth by turning to Asia. The illustrates the decreased demand for design serves in America by plunging from 51.4 in August to 46.9 in September. According to the American Institute of Architects, a score less than 50 indicates a decline in billings.

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Gehry enthusiastically reported that the art scene in China is exploding. He currently is competing to design a Chinese museum in one of the countries rapidly growing metropolitan areas and expects to sign a contract by next quarter.

However, in China, architects are compensated by a percentage of the construction costs, which are about a third less than they are in the U.S. Gehry stated in an interview with Bloomberg, “If you take a percentage and your work with western salaries, you can’t make it work. So it almost forces you to open an office in China and work with local people.”

Earlier this month, Gehry’s 450,000 square-foot Guggenheim Abu Dhabi museum was brought to a painful standstill. Gehry designed the museum before the 2008 financial crisis and has been working on it for the past six years.

Gehry is focusing on computer-aided, paperless, three-dimensional design to cut construction waste and costly change orders, in order to aggressively compete for contracts. Construction waste often accounts for 30 percent of the development budget.

If Gehry had his way, he would be working mostly in California and New York. However, his 100 person staff at the Los Angeles-based Gehry Partners LLP depends on him to find work.



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  • Unknown

    An other proof that Gehry’s not an architect. He’s just another business man, another so-called artist, as Jeff Koons is. They’re a creation of our mad financial society. They’re pissing on our faces and we have to say thanks…

    • Basile Peecock

      Basile, what do you do to sustain your living? Unless you live on well-fare, your view on things is just ridiculous.

      • Indignous

        There’s an explanation in this point of view. Has Gehry’s work been good for the architects and architecture? Most of his work is unliveable sh*t. But there is a plebiscite on this work because of his master on business and communication. Peecock, I don’t know what’s your point of view, ’cause you didn’t tell it, but it might be the one of a mass media’s zombie.

    • FRM

      You can’t practice architecture without making money. So yes, Gehry is an architect. In fact, an architect with a substantial contribution to the history of architecture.

  • Pan Jone

    I just wanna say, poor Chinese

  • archi

    He could always do another cameo on The Simpsons…