Update: BOFFO Building Fashion / Irene Neuwirth + Marc Fornes / TheVeryMany

We introduced BOFFO’s fashion + architecture collaborative project, and began the week with the first installment by Nicola Formichetti + Gage/Clemenceau Architects.  As each pair of fashion designer and architect shows their project for  two short weeks, the second team of Irene Neuwrith and Marc Fornes is now in place.  Neuwirth, a leading US jewelry designer, has transformed the 1800 sqf space at 57 Walker Street into a crazy biomorphic playground to display her designs with the hep of  Marc Fornes, one of the leading figures in the development of computational protocols applied to the field of design and fabrication.

More about the temporary gallery after the break. 

When Fornes was selected for the gallery, his experience in design and strength in fabrication enabled the architect to develop a golden lattice of digitally fabricated forms to display Neuwirth’s timeless designs.

The jewlery and architecture compliment each other as Neuwirth’s colors and bold designs can stand up to Fornes’ dramatic form making skills.  The pair has crafted a space of luxury that will be open to the public through October 12.

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