Coleman Oval Skate Park / HAO

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HAO (Holm Architecture Office), along with five other New York design offices, have been invited to participate in the re-design of the Coleman Oval Skate Park and the master planning of the Coleman Oval Park. The competition is sponsored by Architecture for Humanity.

The Coleman Oval Park, situated partly under the Bridge, has long suffered from lack of exposure, little upkeep, and the “off the beaten path” factor. More images and architects’ description after the break.

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By re-imagining the park and developing its program specifically to suit the unique character and demographic mix of the surrounding neighborhood, Coleman Oval Park has the potential to become a true focal point for the local community.

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With the new skate park as the cornerstone of the revitalization of the Coleman Oval Park, we propose a plug-and-play design strategy that can be developed in phases while still establishing a strong overall, comprehensive design strategy.

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“By creating a park that emphasizes and underlines local diversity Coleman Oval Park has the potential to become a one of a kind city park, simply by accommodating the potential of the dense urban area it sits within: the secret is in the mix,” said Jens Holm, founder, HAO.

Architects: HOA (Holm Architecture Office)
Location: Coleman Oval Park, Manhattan, New York, United States
Team: Jens Holm, Niklas Thormark
Program: Playground, Skate Park, Public Park, Stage, Dog Run, Base Ball Field & Sports Program
Type: Invited Competition
Size: 14.400 SF Skate Park & 35.000 SF Park / 1300 M2 Skate Park & 3250 M2 Park
Client: Architecture for Humanity & Steve Rodriguez / 5boro
Collaborators: Niklas Thormark
Status: Ongoing

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Coleman Oval Skate Park / HAO" 06 Oct 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • sam

    The architect has good intentions, but that skatepark would be an actual nightmare to skate. I’d suggest working with a skatepark designer such as dreamland, or grindline if you’re going down that route. Otherwise, a plaza with well designed skateable architecture would create a much more integrated, aesthetically pleasing, and natural street style skateability.

  • stf

    what sam said. looks unskatebeable to me, everything to big, bad positioned and even disturbing curves in the transitions.

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  • Chris

    Im going to have to echo the other two replies. I looks very unskateable.

  • ampm*&

    Diagram 08 is simply disturbing. Theres needs to be a serious overhaul of this proposal starting with the 10′+ vert quarter walls between street orientated obstacles. PLEASE HOA consult some form of skate park designer or even legit skater. You simply cannot plop a series of skate obstacles in a space without connecting them all by a common thread or flow. It would do more harm than good for the space to have this current design.

  • Lee Curtis

    Where to even start…I second all replies above. I notice this is an invited competition, closing doors to firms that are active in the skateboarding culture in unfortunate. This proposal obviously does not work in an way, shape or form. coming from a multi-disciplinary architecture/engineering firm that focuses on public realm (including skatepark design) I am disappointed if this is the actual product, as it will go to waste. I hope they really stretch the “plug and play” comment.

  • Mark

    Architects do a better job at designing skateparks when you don’t tell them they are designing one.
    Please tell me no one got paid for this travesty.

    • Lee Curtis

      Agreed, I believe that the competition host (architecture for humanity) is a not for profit organization. so prob not.