Architecture City Guide: Lisbon

This week, with the help of our readers, our  is headed to . We put together a list of 12 modern/contemporary buildings that we feel provides a good starting point. It is far from complete. There are dozens of other great buildings that are not our list, and we are looking to add to the list in the near future. Please add your favorites in the comment section below so we can add them on the second go around. Again thank you to all our readers who sent in their suggestions and photographs. The city guides would not be possible without your help.

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The Architecture City Guide: Lisbon  list and corresponding map after the break.

José Campos, arqf architectural photography
adrian, acediscovery 
Osvaldo Gago 

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Cite: Henry, Christopher. "Architecture City Guide: Lisbon" 28 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Tiago Rocha

    this is another short list of other important architectural works in Lisbon, if you find important i could send you some images of the referenced buildings

    Torre APL, gonçalo byrne
    Museu dos coches, João Mendes da Rocha (under construction)
    Oceanário de Lisboa, Peter Chermayeff

    i’m preparing a more detailed list with other important works

    my regards,
    Tiago Rocha

    • Carolina

      PAULO Mendes da Rocha – Pritzker 2006

  • turismo en Portugal

    Very nice article, and beautifull photographs :)