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House Müller Gritsch / AFGH

  • 01:00 - 2 June, 2008
House Müller Gritsch / AFGH
House Müller Gritsch / AFGH

House Müller Gritsch / AFGH House Müller Gritsch / AFGH House Müller Gritsch / AFGH House Müller Gritsch / AFGH +30

  • Architects

  • Location

    Lenzburg, Switzerland
  • Architects

  • Planners

    Peter Camenzind AG, wood prefab
  • Client

    Barbara Müller, Stefan Gritsch
  • Commissioner

    the City of Almere, the Netherlands, DMO NME, Hans Warrink
  • Budget

    580.000 CHF (US $564.477)
  • Area

    232.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. House Müller Gritsch in Lenzburg. The artist couple Barbara Müller and Stefan Gritsch lived for 25 years in the former carpenter's workshop shed of Barbara Müller's father. The sale of the building offered the couple the possibility to construct a new house in the yard of the building complex, on condition that the building costs did not exceed the funds raised from the sale.

The only feasible way to realise the substantial spatial program involved at the set price of CHF. 580,000 was to design the house in prefabricated wooden elements. The existence of a previous basement made excavation works superfluous and, after prefabrication, allowed the erection of building to be undertaken in record time. The end result was a cubic price of CHF. 480.

However, it should be emphasised that the search for innovative solutions was not merely motivated by the cost constraints. The resulting architecture deliberately mirrors a conscious attitude that defies the polished superfluity so deeply ingrained in contemporary lifestyles and attempts instead to address more substantial issues. The finished project affords the artists, who spend much of their time at home, spatial variety and complexity, and encourages both users and visitors to explore and rediscover the house anew. In this sense the house constitutes an introverted vessel, complementing the nature of artistic work whilst simultaneously creating deliberate links with the outside world. 

Considerable emphasis was placed on the relation towards the surroundings. The windows are placed in such a manner to frame Lenzburg castle, the Staufberg or the Goffersberg as if they were pictures. In terms of urban planning, the polygonal volume and the neighboring carpenter's workshop form a courtyard around which the studios and the kitchen are orientated. The 1 1/2-storey living room constitutes the spatial focus of the house out of which all of the rooms are elaborated around the central nucleus, containing the chimney and the staircase.

The house is conceived as a spatial continuum, enabling a wide variety of spatial relations. Both of the two studios can be partitioned from each other, but simultaneously can be read as an extended living room.

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Andy Matthews · December 30, 2011

House Müller Gritsch / AFGH | ArchDaily Lived in! Superb.

pouria javadi · November 30, 2010

I admire thae architecturs endeavor for the buildings facade texture and its coloring.

Geruvah · August 15, 2009

My favorite house. I'm aiming for my place to be like this.

LargoJax · March 31, 2009

Cool place to work and live!

Norbert · June 14, 2008

580'000 (five hundred and eighty thousand) Swiss Francs is the price of such a house here in Switzerland. The equivalent really is around five hundred and sixty thousand US Dollars. Buildings are expensive in Switzerland.

Jason (California) · June 13, 2008

Can you clarify something for me? The article says this project cost approximately US $564.477. Do you mean five hundred and sixty-four dollars and forty-seven cents?, or five hundred and sixty-four THOUSAND dollars?

neil · June 05, 2008

What I like, aside from the great architecture, is that they didn't clean the house perfectly before taking these shots.. it actually looks lived-in.


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House Müller Gritsch / AFGH