House in Pousos / Ricardo Bak Gordon

Portuguese photographer Joao Morgado, shared with us this interesting house in Pousos.

Architects: Ricardo Bak Gordon
Location: Pousos, Leiria,
Project Team: Francesca Petrin, João Bagão, Nuno Costa
Structure: AFA consultores de engenharia lda.
Landscape Design: GLOBAL
Design year: 1998-2003
Surface Area: 415 sqm
Construction Area: 815 sqm
Photographs: Joao Morgado

This is a two levels house that occupies an unleveled terrain, bringing just one level to the street front side. The house occupies a longitudinal band centered in the plot that defines to main gardens – one at the entrance and plain; the other one, near the scarp and facing the city. When arriving, only four volumes appear, welded together with a full straight lower level. This operation allows us to diminish the impact of the 815 sqm construction area, and contributes to the organization of the house program. The four volumes also define several outside spaces that enhances the house living.

Cite: "House in Pousos / Ricardo Bak Gordon" 13 Mar 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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    Very nice. Soft lines, wide and clear spaces. Just the way i´d build for myself.

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    It is not easy to do ‘simple’, much easier to plaster unnecessary decorative motifs and overcomplicated details around a badly organised layout.
    This I like – although there’s always a bit of room for improvement.

    Most people forget architecture is to be lived in and humans are not anatomically prepared to inhabit Mickey mouse dwellings. Traditional Chinese architecture is very practical and functional and despite certain levels of embellishment it also has a very warm quality.

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    instant favorite for me.

    i’d love to live in a house like this. i love how any detail just pops out because of all the white.

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    The Calacatta bathroom is sexy. Are there really no downlights in the ceiling or were they photoshopped out?
    Interesting project.

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    I could imagine to put more life into the ‘path’ at the back of this house, up on the hill. Perhaps it is lively already looking up hill…?

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    He Joao, very nice photos – any chance you could upload some drawing details? Obrigado

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    too simple but extremelly nice to look at, i adore this white, simple architecture, all homes should look like this and not like louna parks or metal containers. It does not however take a full advantage of the views of the city. It should have bigger openings towards the cityscape.

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    Christos, fierce heat… big windows, not a good idea? Let’s ditch the air con – small openings and thick walls, it’s got to be the way forward.

    I like this… a little hill town in its own right. Simplicity – I know how hard it is to do with precision, especially in Iberia, I am trying in Extremadura and beginnig to fail… HELP!

    Whatever, the indirect lighting is very cool. Fierce heat, no direct sunlight – harsh on the eyes and body.

    Well done architect, I like the way you build.

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    To my surprise, I think it resembles my project last cemester. I wonder how could it be just same as mine. It strikes me that one’s design engine may give duplication of other project somewhere.

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