Taipei Performing Arts Center proposal by NL Architects

This is the design proposed by NL Architects for the Performing Arts Center. The structure contains three theaters, including a 1500-seat Grand Theater, and two 800-seat theaters. Although critics praised the aesthetics, they noted two critical issues: acoustics would be disastrous and the lack of sun for several of the cubes. The competition was finally won by OMA.

You can also see Abalos proposal here.
More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Taipei Performing Arts Center proposal by NL Architects" 03 Mar 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Sep 2014. <>


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    I agree with critics to the project in terms of acoustics and shading.

    Anyway, it´s a good exercise… i hope to see more of this thinking from NL in the future.

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    I want to like it, but Taipei deserves a better building. There’s somthing far to 6th year studio about the scheme. The eroded cube… hmmm. Where have I seen that before?

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    Да на OMA – Hamburg Science Centre and Aquarium похоже, но совсем другое здание. Мне нравится. Cecilia Avila спасибо за ссылку, там есть планы и разрезы.

    Yes on OMA – Hamburg Science Centre and Aquarium seems, but quite another building. I like it. Cecilia Avila thanks for the link, there are plans and sections.

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    I got impression that OMA project was an homage to their earlier works. Besides, NL projects one way or the other feel the presence of SANAA ZOLLVEREIN that vubic scool on economy. Funny now Japanese architects Are the most creative and original all the rest seems to get inspired from them.

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    i don’t understand how all the architects here can comment an architecture using the words: “i like it” “amazing” etc ect…a real architect should understand a project first, understand the process guides of a project, look through the pictures understanding what there is behind an image…We live in a sociaty without culture, architecture is a culture product so we should start to be architects not fruiteres, because just a fruiteres should say in front of an architecture:”i like it, is cool”

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    because we only get to see the exterior images not the plan. I think OMA strongest point is their innovation on the plan and the spaces inside. They try to push in new and unique experience of each project they do. Like the new wyly theatre.


    this project. can’t imagine what’s inside those cubes.. and only 1500 and 800 seatings? and what’s all those square holes anyway?

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    it is a wonderful architectural form, not sure about how it can act as a building, so i agree with the critics.
    The one thing i find of interest here is the way the space is created: the blur between the interior and the exterior. although this concept is not new (e.g. Kurokawa) it’s articulation is most impressive.

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    Hahahahaa, this project makes me laugh… but actually it makes me laugh less than the rest of the competition projects! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    But comparisons with Zollverein are very superficial. The Sanaa project is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch more sophisticated than this.

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    I’d love to see the lifts moving around the building. It reminds me of some utopian film scenario… and I’m not sure yet if that’s good. By the way, am I mistaken, or there are actually horizontally-moving “lifts” on the upper floors?

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    i totally agree with you. i assume however, that most of the comments are not from architects. (or at least i hope so.)
    actually i still see a great potential in these form of dispute or critique of buildings presented in blogs, but i realize every day that just a few of the comments exhibit some
    serious thinking or deeper analysis.
    i wouldn’ t give so much importance to this architecture blogging phenomena as it still remains very very superficial.

    but this is just my opinion.

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    can anyone post all the entries for taipei performing arts theater? so we can see other entries :=)

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    i dont think that any of the selected architects paid much attention to the projects.. not even one is good or at least has good concepts… sad

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    It would get very windy in there! But the investigation of space as a major public space surrounded by smaller, more private areas is impressive. It is interesting also that all circulation is visible to the viewer from the ground floor.

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