Beirut Residential Building / ACCENT DESIGN GROUP


Adjacent to a central transportation artery for the city of , and situated at the nexus of two urban fabrics, this design negotiates issues of scale, unit diversity, views and zoning regulations. Stacked glass boxes emerge from a massing, which is positioned to maximize buildable area.


Cantilevering balconies and terraces take their cue from the character of the old urban fabric while creating a vertical neighborhood rich with panoramic views of the downtown, the city and the sea. Shading louvres provide relief from abundant east and west sunlight while creating zones of outdoor privacy and facilitating a green screen. Located at the edge of development and demarcation, the project blurs lines while innovating on the Beirut high-rise typology.

plans + elevation
plans + model

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Lead Architect : Elie ABS
Project team : Charbel KARAM, Ahmad KHOJA, Petia RATZOV
Project Area: 11,000 sqm

Cite: Henry, Christopher. "Beirut Residential Building / ACCENT DESIGN GROUP" 07 Jul 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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      that’s the maid room >-< in Lebanon most of the architect do this and they even taught us to do it like this!! you enter to the maid room from the kitchen or from the balcony of the kitchen!!! still don't like it :(

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    wonderful renderings! it’s a shame there will be only one building, though.

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    love it. i’d feel pretty exposed on those balconies though, especially if the wind is blowing! scary

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    I just love how the housekeeper has a “big” bedroom and a WC with no tub…

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    Nice project and concept, but the floor plans are awful.
    The maid´s room and the fire-escape stair just don´t look right.

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