Toledo Apartment Renovation / Romero Vallejo Arquitectos

Juan Carlos Quindós

Architects: Romero Vallejo Arquitectos
Location: , Spain
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 100 sqm
Photographs: Juan Carlos Quindós

This project consists of the rehabilitation and a total renovation of a home in the Historic Center of Toledo, Spain. The original building dates from the Baroque era (mid-eighteenth century) and it rests inside the narrow and crooked streets of Toledo, with low natural light. We access the house through a small patio and the building has scarce and small windows.

Before Photo

The original exterior walls are factory poor masonry on wood structural framing. The original cover, which was completely dismantled, restored and rebuilt, was hidden by a false ceiling hurdle. At the beginning the house had two parts, the main one with 70 sqm on the second floor and a boxroom on the first floor. Both spaces are joined by an outside staircase.


The project tries to get two basic objectives: the first one is to get as much square meters that allow the planning regulations, and the second one is to introduce as much natural light as possible.


The first is achieved by incorporating the boxroom and the general stairs to the house. It also adds the space under the deck (which is disassembled and rebuilt) to reach the maximum height allowed by the planning regulations. Planning regulations forbids us to open more windows on the facade, so we made a new sunroom on the deck, which is accessed through a large window facing north.

Juan Carlos Quindós

All the interior distribution of the house revolves around the living room because it is the place that organizes the circulations of the house. It is also the space that provides natural light to the house through the sunroom window, ensuring that the blue sky of Spain will be always present inside house.

Juan Carlos Quindós
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  • ariana roberts

    great renovation!

  • Richard Peck

    Beautiful spaces. Great mix of materials, angularities. Would love to live there!