Winning Proposal for Copa Arquitectura 2011 Contest / Urban Recycle Architecture.Studio

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With a main focus on establishing  a relationship between the social, the ecological and the economic together in one building, Urban Recycle Architecture.Studio won the Copa Arquitecture 2011 Contest, organized by Architecture for Humanity, Liga FOS, and Nike. For this relationship to be successful, they decided on a building with multiple functions, a rectangular design and metallic structural system of fast construction and high strength. More images and architects’ description after the break.

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The spaces required were organized into two horizontal blocks, interrupted by a main plaza opened vertically, connecting the Del Carril street to the football field. Located on the ground floor were the spaces dedicated to the community and economic uses such as the multipurpose room, locker rooms, lan house and community space commerce. The use of roof is possible through a metallic stairs outside. It was not restricted just to the green roof, rainwater catchment and location of solar collectors, but also involves a small vegetable garden, communal pool, a hammock and an unique view of the football pitch.

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Football is always an opportunity to join people, young, elderly, good players, bad players, Argentines, Brazilians, Latins or Europeans. One thing is right; football joins people and united we stand, divided we fall. Moreno is located at 36km from and summarizes the inefficiency of government to assist its people, with 69.9% of your population classified as “poor”, the need of revitalization can´t be discussed as a synonym for improving local infrastructure, but in a large urban revitalization with social partnership between the public and private companies, providing social inclusion and increased quality of life of its population.

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The passion of the Argentines in sports, especially football, can be one of the tools for this change. The development of collective work and the search for exceeded and respect in the game are two of the lessons learned from the field to life. Apply these lessons to values such as respect for nature, encouraging knowledge, social interaction and responsibilities can undoubtedly transform the lives of these people.

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Construction Phases:

The project was divided in two stages, first in July, 2011 located on the northeast side of the building featuring the locker rooms, toilets, kitchen, Business Units to community and the lan house. Also finished in the first stage will be the green roof construction to begin work on the community vegetable garden. The second phase of the project, located on the northwest side of the building, will have a multi-use room with internet access, small workshop, which will have developed technical activities, space for reading and relaxation and a community pool.

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Energy Efficient:

The building has several designed elements and sustainable technologies to improve energy efficiency such as: the use of rainwater captured on the cover to the irrigation of the garden, use of solar energy to reduce cost, use of vegetation to reduce the temperature inside the building, large internal openings allowing cross ventilation and natural use of natural lighting, use of the covered terrace for rain protection and reduction of direct sunlight, and the planting of local plant species in the surroundings of the building helping to microclimate.

plan 01

Techniques of Constructions and Materials:

The project was defined in two blocks of similar construction, with metallic structure with low maintenance. For the exterior of the building is a closing mixed glass, concrete block and metal orange fencing offering security and ventilation for visual comfort. The interior rooms are related to the concrete brick wall with OSB manufactured wood planks, reducing the temperature to make the space more welcoming. The monolithic concrete floor for easy use and low cost provides visual comfort and low maintenance. The OSB wood furniture, the fixtures of overlapping 150 x 15cm to the image of the Argentine players, value the space to bring confidence.

plan 02

Why Orange?

Orange is a joyful color. According to the meaning of colors, orange releases negative emotions, making us feel less insecure, less painful and more understanding of others’ faults. Orange stimulates the mind, renews faith in life and is an antidepressant, ideal for the spirit. The orange color was also chosen because it is very visible, standing out against the blue sky color of the flag, in a symbolic struggle in face of difficulties.

Architect: Urban Recycle Architecture.Studio
Location: Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project Team: Diego Viana Gomes, Juliana Meira Araujo Aguiar, Saul Kaminsky Bernfeld Oliveira
Contractor: Architecture for Humanity
Project Area: 2543.22 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Renders: Urban Media

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