Architects: FRENTE / Juan Pablo Maza + PRODUCTORA
Location: Mixcoac, City,
Project Team: Juan Pablo Maza, Carlos Bedoya, Wonne Ickx, Victor Jaime, Abel Perles, David Ortega, Gabriela Morales, Veronica Espinosa, Jair Calderon
Constructed Area: 92 sqm
Structural Engieering: Oscar Trejo
Design year: 2004
Construction year: 2006
Photographs: Paul Czitrom y Juan Pablo Maza

The project consisted of the demolition of an old building (preserving only its streetfront facade) and the design of a new house. In order to create an impression of spaciousness on the small lot, the ground floor was devided lengthwise and the construction concentrated on one side, taking the fullest possible advantage of the depth of the lot for the garden.

The upper floor consists of a volume turned at an angle to break up the orthogonal character of the design. Scale and perspective were manipulated by inclining planes, treating textures, and varying the window modules to achieve effects that underline the initial idea. The house has a living- and dining room, bedroom, study, kitchen, and bathroom on the ground floor, and a master bedroom, closet, bathroom, and terrace are on the upper level.

Cite: "Mixcoac House / FRENTE + PRODUCTORA" 28 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=13559>
  • christos

    i have read about this house…i love it and well-done to the architects…this is architecture!!!

  • manix


  • http://www.sgurin.ucoz.ru/ sgurin

    Хорошее архитектурное решение.
    Good architectural design.

  • Bo

    nice!! espetialy stairs but not safety for children

  • fendismiso

    I like the space!!

  • Al

    Nice house, but I would like to see some pictures with some furniture in it…I think the main space of the house will be a little too narrow

  • powkey

    not to sound so negative, but those plans and sections look like a 1st year arch student drew them. What do those diagrams even mean? It looks as though they twisted the box so you could get a better look down into their neighbors mess. North anyone?

  • senosoidal

    la rosada es la fachada?
    un trabajo simple , pero contundente , magnífico

  • alejandro

    Nice staircase!!
    Reminds me of the one designed by Le Corbusier at the Molitor apartment in Paris.
    But it´ missing the painted steps, a must I think to keep it looking nice, since white paint doesn´t last clean for long, it´s a common mistake in contemporary WHITE architecture (believe me I tried not to write it, but the force was too strong: MINIMALISTIC…..).

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  • croftDESIGN

    the proportions seem… different, perchance strange. however, its great minimal design, given the parameters of the site.

  • Katy Caballero


  • http://queremediocasero.blogspot.com.es/ Remedios Caseros

    Nice house, Good architectural.

    Me ha encantado, un saludo.