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Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects

  • 01:00 - 6 February, 2009
Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects
Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects

Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects +23

  • Architects

  • Location

    6430 Nordborg, Denmark
  • Architects

    J. MAYER H. Architects
  • Project Team

    Juergen Mayer H., Marcus Blum, Thorsten Blatter, Andre Santer, Alessandra Raponi
  • Architect On Site

    Hallen & Nordby
  • Technical Consultant

    Carl Bro
  • Client

    Danfoss Universe, Nordborg, Denmark
  • Budget

    US $3.86 million
  • Area

    0.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. The new buildings rise up from the ground and provide spaces which articulate the fusion of outdoor landscape and indoor exhibition. This active ground modulates according to program and location in the park. The endpoints of the buildings blur the line between building and park by offering inside-out spaces as display areas and projection surfaces related to the temporary exhibitions inside. Silhouettes, as groups of land formations, define the unique newly programmed horizon line of Danfoss Universe.

Danfoss Universe is a science park in Denmark, embedded in the agricultural landscape of Nordborg next to the founder's home and the Danfoss HQ. It opened in May 2005 and is already enlarging due to its considerable success. The masterplan for Danfoss Universe Phase 2 includes an exhibition building (Curiosity.Center) and a restaurant (Food.Factory) which extends the summer based outdoor park into the winter months by enclosing spaces for exhibitions and scientific experiments.

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Danfoss Universe / J. Mayer H. Architects" 06 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Peter G · May 12, 2013

Dear Mark and Francisco, the architect has a responsibility towards the environment, he is creating the world we all live in. Architecture should not be just 'sexy' or 'different', it should respond to the place, to other buildings and to its function! Form is not just a bizarre something, a crazy idea, but a result, that was always like that in architecture and it will always be. The better an architect replies to these basic needs artistically, the better the work. Juergen Mayer has not understood that and obviously does not want to.

jean · November 09, 2011

need Apple to have a healthy market share to ensure a full selection of apps and accessories, and to keep Apple adding great new products.

Stephen Harris · September 16, 2011

Visiting Danfoss Universe soon - science park in Denmark, based on MI theories : v. interesting &

Mark · October 31, 2010

come on, that architecture, too.
And it`s sexy, new and different from all the mainstream stuff.

I like it. In architecture everything should be allowed.

Francisco Lavin Flores · May 18, 2011 10:12 PM

Totally agree

piraatje · September 22, 2010

haha! worms armageddon indeed!

Boabdil · September 21, 2010

No. where is Courage the cowardly dog?!
he must be in there!

nanoNone · June 02, 2010

Worms Armageddon - Xth level :)

gp777444111 · March 25, 2010


Barby Omodei · February 01, 2010

#arch #arq #design #art via @Arquitecturatv

Barby Omodei · February 01, 2010

#arch #arq #design #art via @Arquitecturatv

theChavacano · July 24, 2009

Funny where is Mickey?

Chiaro Scuro · July 09, 2009

Where is the rest of the puzzle?

Komalantz · June 05, 2009

Well... this happens when you've got to deliver a project and you only know how to use SketchUp.
I like the idea, but just the idea. It's potential is wasted since this is just some box-building in drag.

claude · April 25, 2009

ajajaj....dont feel confident at all!
this is crap!

Queso · April 25, 2009

... ????? ....The funniest thing is the plan!!!........ I m one week away from my degree final and seeing this just made me feel so much more confident about my project!!!!

Troy Lemieur · February 12, 2009

First of all, please stop spamming this comment board. Second of all, I've read through the whole article and re-read that excerpt many times, and I still don't see how that description justifies a swiss cheese shape to fuse indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. Furthermore, when one reads the statement: "...buildings rise up from the ground..." one thinks to one's self: most buildings rise up from the ground.

Troy Lemieur · February 09, 2009

I'm having trouble understanding how the form meets what they said about articulating the fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces. It might just be me refusing to analyze all the photos and drawings fully, but when it comes down to it, all i see is some extruded cut-outs perpendicular to some other cut-outs.

JDR · February 08, 2009

Oh no,
I quit...

the end

claude · February 07, 2009

disney town

Turnip · February 07, 2009

What happens with the rainwater?

Andy · February 07, 2009

One of those buildings just houses a concession that sells overpriced hamburgers. Also the real marvel of engineering is not these swiss cheese buildings, but rather the Segway race track that is housed in the same area. And last but not least these buildings are good for only one thing:

Surfs up bro!


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