Choy Residence / Terry & Terry Architecture

© Ethan Kaplan

Terry & Terry Architecture transformed this 1960’s house  into an open plan modern dwelling. The design for this renovation involved subtracting specific existing walls and parts of the existing roof to let in natural light and improve circulation. This included hollowing out the space at the rear of the house to accommodate an exterior deck and capture views to the north. The transformation of the existing typical San Francisco box house into the new “opened” wood tube form that shelters/adds protection from wind and weather to the rear deck at main floor and to the openings at the middle floor. Terry & Terry Architecture also carved out an entry way at the center of the house, which allows natural light to spill into the main floor core. In the center of the dwelling, we inserted a new stair/light shaft through all levels to provide circulation between floors and to illuminate the walls with daylight.

Architect: Terry & Terry Architecture
Location: San Francisco, ,
Project Team: Alex Terry AIA, Ivan Terry
Interior Designer: Chris Choy Design
Engineer: Santos Urrutia Structural Engineers Inc.
Landscape: Gentry Landscapes
General Contractor: Quick Connect Construction
Project Area: 2,300 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Ethan Kaplan, Alex Terry

© Ethan Kaplan

The roof is designed to collect water run-off which will be stored in future holding tanks located in the utility/basement area under the home and is gravity-fed to the garden irrigation system for use in the dry season. The north end of the roof is also designed to accommodate photovoltaic solar panels.

© Alex Terry
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  • pakornravich

    This house is interesting in many ways although the external shape of buildings simple form and haven’t attracted the eyes of people. However, the interesting selection of appropriate materials, the process of creating forms that generate interest from the computer to use light into the building. The rhythm of light ,light intensity and shadow of differences. Depending on the function using different to Different parts of the house.

  • Charles Jencks

    Hey what is up with the saging wood paneling over the refrigerator? It looks like someone forgot to include that on the final punch list.

  • Dennis

    does anyone else find shadows on sections quite distracting?

  • Janos

    beautiful house, how much for something like this to be built from the ground up? I love it!