Obama wanted to be an architect (thanks he didn´t)

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Did you know that wanted to be an architect? Thank god he didn´t, otherwise he wouldn´t be assuming as the US President tomorrow.

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Cite: Basulto, David. "Obama wanted to be an architect (thanks he didn´t)" 19 Jan 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=12005>
  • scarpasez

    Well, David, it would appear you’ve just revealed your political preference…I know how proud I was to vote for him.

    Hopefully, he’ll succeed being a different kind of architect altogether.

  • Opium

    I wouldn’t be so certain that he chose the right path…not so much because of him more because of us. This guy is just pure bollocks. How can anynone take this guy seriously has everyone forgott the way people used to look upon tony blair before he was elected…he was change..he was articulated..he had eye blinding smile…he was a fake.
    What architect would obama be? Norman foster maybee?Comercial architect in disguise…maybee gehry?I would go for libskind…a lot of propaganda,very few substance.

  • http://www.archdaily.com David Basulto

    I´d say Koolhaas because of the bollocks. And the change, obviously.

    I was just taking a look at the presentation of the project for the Seattle Public Library (1999), that was “change” back in the day.


  • roadkill

    hey david… you’re an hypocrite knobhead; so you say you don’t want to ‘politicise’ this forum whenever we talk about current and important issues but you are very keen when it comes to your favourite topics… grow up you spoiled prat

  • Hoctavio

    Not sure guys…can turn out to be a “revolutionary” paper architect (lebbeus woods, greg lynn, russian futurists etc…). No doubt, innovative in thought! But mesmerizing renderings often times, when taken to fruition, can destroy a cities fabric… Perfect example: MVRDV 2000 Hannover World expo..Compare the renderings to the finished product! Moreover, the building today is in ruins…


  • http://www.archdaily.com David Basulto


    I never said I don´t want to “politicize” the blog, where did you get that idea?

    Actually the relation between architecture and politics is very different (distant?) from what it was during the modern movement (and early post moderns). But I think the post Bilbao/crisis effect will sure put this back into the debate.

    I did delete 2 comments from you (repeated ones, on the crisis/Bilbao post), but I kept one and I allowed you to express your point (which even got other comments, even if it was off topic). Actually, I´m spoiling you.

  • sascha

    Is this a joke? This must be a joke… David, you are so full of it you should check and make sure you don’t choke on your own …

    This man you idealize has not done a single thing in his life
    except perpretate the greatest lie onto the American people.
    If I were to make a comparison to architecture, I’d say he is more like Etienne Louis Boullee,
    nice visionary drawings (words) without an inkling of reality in them.
    And for all those nice drawings, he never built a damn thing.

    Oh, David, and your little spiel about the evolution of the relationship between architecture and politics. Well, that’s just silly.

    “But I think the post Bilbao/crisis effect willsure put this back into the debate.” That’s just silly.

    Or, let’s see,

  • gshock

    The messiah an architect!!!???

  • MuKin

    Seems to me there was someone else with that same desire.
    Now, who was that?
    Oh, yeah… Hitler.

  • gshock

    Hey! don’t mess with Hitler! How dare you insult a true, modern ‘visionary’!! built the first functional highway! oh, almost forgot! he also built some of the world’s biggest ovens!!! Goes to show you how ideology blinds people!

  • Scott

    im sorry if i missed one, but do any of you like any architects? is it just the famous ones you dislike? maybe not all architects just the pretentious snobs with crap buildings… too bad thats all architects…

  • Pedro Caldeira

    “Thank god he didn´t, otherwise he wouldn´t be assuming as the US President tomorrow.”
    Why not? A President architect seem nice.

  • Richie

    Jesus, I’m glad I’m not living in America, based on this list of comments. Obama isn’t the messiah for sure, he’s just a politician, but maybe people, even his opponents, would give him a chance to show what he’s made of before declaring him a lie/fake/fraud/etc or comparing him in a roundabout way to Hitler(!).. I would also agree that it’s not the best idea to bring this stuff up on an architecture site, as it seems to generate very little relevant discussion.

  • John

    Go Obama, Koolhaas, and America!

  • orc

    f we want to thank God for anyone NOT being an architect, let’s thank God that George W. Bush Jr. (dubya!) wasn’t one… he did enough damage to the world in the past eight years as president.

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  • http://suckerpunchdaily.com Kim

    Well Thomas Jefferson was an architect (University of Virginia)…He was actually a very good president.

    I totally agree with Sascha, Obama has never done anything. He is just lucky to be the right cosmetic image behind which America can see iteself after G.W. Bush jr.
    Seen from outside the USA, all this crazy idolatry is quite frightening. It’s as frightening as the hysteria against Bush since 8 years.

    With great expectations come often great disappointments.
    Good luck America.

  • J

    What kind of architect would Palin be?

  • roadkill

    hail the messiah…
    [is not the messiah, he's just a knotty boy]

  • Michael

    J says: “What kind of architect would Palin be?”

    … Check out her office

  • lidoro

    People of all races should genuinely give Obama a chance. It pains me (a person of color)to see people saying Obama is just a fake. Truth is obama is looking like Americas most anticipated president, and he just happens not to be ‘white’, we don’t know how his presidency will unravel but at least he can speak a thousand times better than Mr. Bush instilling hope across a nation of a quarter a billion people and a good portion of the rest of a world full of billions more. Yes, hes black too. Why are white people unhappy or threatened enough to dismiss him before he even begins, hes also white too you know, at least his mom was.

  • Hamster

    jajajaj…Michael, good joke!

  • snoopy

    This is why architects (and yes i am graduating this year as an architect) annoy me so much, they are all so serious and can’t take a light hearted post such as this video. Instead it has to be about serious political stances that have been assumed just because this 13 second clip was posted. cheer up and loosen up!

  • Opium

    Guess your right snoopy. One should just forgett about politcs and do our job.Isn’t that what where payed for?Political implications of architecture, simbolic or real?naaa that’s for north korean architects to think about.We should just have fun and make people have fun.I must say I look forward into designing very cool prisons…We’ll pass happilly shopping mall to the prison.Hail to george romero.we are the zombies

  • fabian

    well… George Costa,za also wanted to be an architect… =o#

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  • sarvenaz

    i am sure that arhitecture is a work that related to god!
    so every person that can do that very well should be very proud of her/himself!because of he or she can take a place closer to god!!!

  • sarvenaz

    i will be graduate in one year, love my job and i want to be a good architect!i hope you will so!

  • Tim

    I love the title of this post, honestly. I do agree that he’d probably be like Gehry, visionary of a delusional reality, rooted firmly in his beliefs of “change” and “reform”. Things that have been functioning [even at sub-adequate levels] don’t require drastic disfigurements.

  • mahdi

    it s not extravagant event if it be real news i think!we hear
    most extravagant news about him and architecture
    ex :his familly are originally from iran ,
    or ……..