Genesis House, “Palais de Justice” / PLANDA

Paris / NY based architects PLANDA designed this house based on the  cover of Cross, the album by the french band Justice, by inserting a residential program on the iconic shape of the Cross. The Cross is placed on a cliff at Santa Catalina island, .

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Justice – Cross, album cover

Cite: Basulto, David. "Genesis House, “Palais de Justice” / PLANDA" 14 Jan 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • bentply

    Great video. It seems that architects never give up their dream of becoming rockstars. I’m guessing this is conceptual because I have a tough time believing that L.A. County Code would allow that massive cantilever.

    I like it.

  • Smith

    Absolute lack of innovation.
    Why not a house in the form of the David’s star, of the Islamic Croissant.
    It is very easy to put a house in any shape (and it has been done enough).
    What’s the point of this one?
    I don’t see any quality there sorry.

  • xing

    I agree with Smith, there should be a reason for the form, just too religonous.

    the scale of the model, when put on the cape, it is too big, in the existing environment.

  • icecream

    Le culte de l’object.
    Architecture based on symbolism…
    not a fan

  • devoid

    The video is so good, that nearly makes this good architecture.

  • naturelovelife

    Other than the fact that it brings to mind the famous Csa Malaparte house (1937) by Adalberto Libera on the island of Capri I don’t see anything of substance to this project.
    Too much hype over a religious symbol and the notion of the isolated house on the edge of a cliff…

  • David Basulto

    More than a religious symbol, it´s just a tribute over the Justice icon – a very well known french electro duo.

  • http://- tomi

    what is the name of the song during the video??? pleaselet me know if sy knows

  • sanguine entity

    you all are being ridiculous. as architects we build what the client asks for. if the client wants a home to fit into the symbol for “Justice” or the Holy Cross or the Star of David or the Crossing Swords of Saudi Arabia… what have you, and they’re paying top dollar for it – I have little faith any of you would decline. From what is visible, it looks like a decent solution for the plan albeit agreed a bit out of scale and even better… a great induction to the site to hide the fact that it is one giant cross. A truly smooth move of architecture to appease both the client and the architect.

  • powkey

    heres a shocker… the song is called Justice – by Genesis.

    This building is very interesting though. It makes you wonder what is good architecture because it seems like such a beautiful building and so well done. It is simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.
    But, is it worth looking past the crucifix form? I mean, it really limits what type of people will live in this building in the future (certainly not any non-catholics). Though it seems like it could be very popular amongst catholics.

    Unfortunalty, It also seems like one of those kitsch buildings you see when your grandpa forwards you the list of the “50 wackiest homes”.

  • sanguine entity

    the song is Genises
    its by the parisian group, Justice.

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  • Duncan Bain

    The above comments are evidence, if ever any was needed, that far too many lazy people never read the text that comes along with these articles before posting their views. Also that architects are by and large COMPLETELY humourless and that their knowledge of contemporary music, and by extension taste, sucks :D.

  • Mo

    This is one of those lame, pointless projects that come by once in awhile on architectural weblogs. What I don’t understand is why ArchDaily, a well-respected blog in my opinion, would let something like this showcased alongside with many decent projects.

    The firm’s work from their website isn’t as exciting either; it reminds me of an undergrad student’s portfolio.

  • Carlo

    HORRIBLE, in fact this is quite offensive in so many ways. It offends the profession, religion and the environment. the concept is alarmingly trivial!! How can this “office” practice as architects and how do they got their diploma. i hereby ask the administrators to delete this post from the blog, just out of respect towards the profession of the Architects.

    I mean, really, i’ m speechless!!

  • Leijon

    I’m surprised that so many responders here are COMPLETELY missing the point.
    Ok, so it might not be the most innovative building architecturally, but if you are at all familiar with Justice (the French group), this is a fun “tribute”.
    Not meant to be a religious “slap in the face” at all..
    The band is quite controversial, and so is this design.,8599,1807724,00.html

    “Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures.”
    - Georges Braque

  • Carlo

    What has a Fan (or Fun) Tribute to do with Architecture? I mean, are you serious?
    Lets leave the tributes to (mediocre) bands to concerts, tshirts etc.!

    So this is your argument: No it is not a cross , its from a cover design with a cross on it!
    Also if it isnt meant as a religious “slap in the face” you cannot deny the symbolic associations that a building can produce. The author should be aware of that. An architect has also a social responsability.

    I wouldnt declare this childish thing here even a design!

    George Braque would turn over in his grave for being quoted in such a context!

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  • Fred
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  • oreo18

    Architects, get over yourselves and have some fun like these guys.
    Product Designer

  • J

    God bless JUSTICE. God bless PLANDA.

    Please people, as oreo18 already said: have some fun! Don’t take everything too serious! Once in a while we’re still the little kids, playing around with Lego or models. And once in a while we feel the same as the rock stars like Justice.

  • Brett

    I want one too, but can they design me one that’s upside-down?

  • Rj

    You design what you are told to design, architecture is not for stroking an architects ego. A client wants a house based on an album cover and you design it because that’s the job. Despite the fact that it’s silly and not particularly innovative, this is a fun design. Remember fun?

  • claude.mallia

    envy any one?
    cummon forget the band, forget the cross, forget religion,
    aint that perched structure attractive? who has never dreamt of building such a structure in such a marvelous location? …while at the same time hearing some innovative music. btw who are ‘Justice’?
    and oh…no i wouldn’t live in a cross.

  • madman

    Surly this is P.R for Justice and will never happen, let’s hope..

  • Carlo

    “you design what you are told to design” are you serious? oh, my god!

    oh, sorry i should laugh here, because it is all just fun and humour.

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  • Saakshi

    Very interesting video and so is the work……..

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