Copper House 2 / Smiljan Radic

Architect: Smiljan Radic Clarke
Location: Talca,
Collaborators: Loreto Lyon, Danilo Lazcano, Augusto Vergara, Gonzalo Torres
Contractor: Constructora Covasa Ltda.
Constructive System: Steel frame
Project Year: 2004
Construction Year: 2005
Site Area: 5,000 sqm
Constructed Area: 165 sqm
Photographs: Cristobal Palma

This house constitutes a second tryout with copper as the material of its outer facing. In the small town of Nercón, in the south of Chile, the ondulating texture of the cooper seemed to take on a historic quality by emulating the one that was used until the beginning of the 20th century in the house and churches of Chiloé, faced in galvanized steel. In this building, the modulated texture (38.5 x 95 cm, with a thickness of 0,5 cm) of ribbed electrolytic copper also imitates certain general aspects abounding in the area; the heavy layers of drooping tiles, the deformation in the geometry of the pitch of the roofs due to successive extensions and bouts of decay, the deep shadows these roof slopes produce and the continuous texture of their outer .

Inside, a wooden patio has been laid out for the use of the family, a couple with two children, around which interior movement is orchestrated in winter. In summer the opening of its picture windows means that the house can be crossed diaonally, the smallest bedrooms, patio, lounge-cum-dinning room, terrace, garden and, beyondm the valley being understood as a single, ongoing space.

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  • christos

    scary !!! it could be anything depending from the side you see it…could be a chicken farm to an army barrack !!

  • Jeison

    It seems to be confortable inside, what does not appear from the exterior. Not a fan of this ‘disconstructive’ design. Some locations and surroundings deserve a design that fits, and not that shocks.

  • JDR

    I think, despite the looney shape, it fits surprisingly well in the landscape. As Christos said, it could even be a chicken farm or any other rural function. It’s an interesting house to live in I guess, even after 10 or 20 years, which might not be the case with a “design” house.

    Good project!

  • pedja

    very very very nice work…materials,shapes…very good

  • sisifo

    chicken farm? WTF? this house is amazing, it was in the cover of the A+U magazine dedicated to chilean arqchitecture. its an amazing exercise of architecture related to the life of a small family. by the way , i know for a friend that the family owner of this house is happy ass hell with the results, in the end , the only thing that matters.

    smiljan radic rulz….!!!

  • Contemporary Art

    I think it’s gorgeous (and very well photographed). Peaceful but strong. I think the shape is great, complicated but not outlandish. I can’t imagine what’s shocking about it.

  • Rokas

    The planning is very rational and poetic…The photos of the interior shows an elegant style.

  • Peter

    Astonished Piece of Art.

    Radic has become one of the best exponents of single family house out there.

    Good news for Chilean architecture.

  • Arman

    Radic’s work has a very good attitude against a lot of conceptual prejudices. This piece here is beautiful and refreshing in many ways. I love it!

  • smallfire

    It’s simple but beautiful.Some scene is awesome ,and I like the way light comes into the house.It impresses me !

  • jorge garcia

    if the A+U magazine put the project is the cover this most be real good!! and a friend of a friend of my cousin says!!
    COME ON sisifo!! this house sucks!!!

  • Rokas

    Its weird-I agree.But as far as I see,its thoroughtly reasoned-the light is controled to the last,the planning is good-even the physical shape is with some sort of a thought-its like the house of an “anti-burgher “:D, of a rebel.
    eventually it is not like some sort of “zaha-hadid-house”-good to look,hard to live,:D.

  • youthroo

    This is beautiful, the copper external was surprising. I wasn’t sure at first but it has an earthy, organic, autumnal feel to it, which works well within the landscape i feel.

  • Rutland

    Reminds me a bit of a house in Sandwich, Illinois called the Farnsworth house. Nice open airy design though not to the extent of the Farnsworth house which has all glass walls. Especially like the use of copper and would have likes to see all walls outside of glass fashioned from copper for a very green, timeless architecture rather than overly industrial, ultra modern. To me it is not distracting or shocking at all but blends well into surroundings.

  • Chris

    Someone has got the entire .dwg file of this house?

  • Mohammed Najeeb AL Jundi

    When you look from out side you will think that it is a moving van.
    Also you feel that it is not stable,however from inside it is absolutely fantastic.