ORDOS 100 #9: Sou Fujimoto

This villa is located in plot #70 of the ORDOS project.

Architects: Sou Fujimoto Architects
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia,
Design year: 2008
Construction year: 2009
Curator: Ai Weiwei, Beijing, China
Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, Inner Mongolia, China
Constructed Area: 1,000 sqm aprox

I propose a primordial place to live before a notional ‘house’ became a ‘house;’ when it was uncongealed to be all at once a house, a city, a garden, a forest, a prairie, the natural and the artificial. It is analogous to the ruins of ancient cities, to the natural landscapes, to the network of neural activities in a stimulated mind, and to the structure of the Universe.

Not an Object, but a Field of Relationships

A house is not an object.

A house is the totality of frequencies registered as a place of living before differentiating into a house, a city, a garden, a forest, and a prairie.

The masterplan, a collection of demarcated plots and residential volumes, was reinterpreted as a nebulous field of interrelationships similar to a weather chart. Instead of “one object per one plot,” various spatial gradations begin to emerge within the plot. Surrounding contexts and complexities of their reciprocal influence are given a form. I speculate a condition in between architecture and landscape, exteriority and interiority.

Telescopic Vessel by Walls of Voids

To be a house and to be a garden, to be open and to be closed, interiorized exterior, exteriorized interior, continuity and discontinuity, domesticity and urbanity. To be natural and to be artificial; to produce a place that incorporates these discrepant antinomies, I propose a telescopic vessel by walls of voids.

Throughout the plot, the walls are positioned like a spiral. However, these simultaneously are not walls. These are walls of voids with countless openings. Space fluctuates with the openings’ sizes, forming spaces that manifest the gradations within the plot envisioned as a field of relationships.

Between those walls, various rooms and gardens intermingle as they fuse into one another. The feeling of a large expanse coupled with the feel of a comfortable shelter, results in a scale that transforms with use and creates rich depths by multiplicity of inside and outside. This also generates diverse relationships with the surrounding environ as it is simultaneously opened and closed.

Cite: Saieh, Nico. "ORDOS 100 #9: Sou Fujimoto" 12 Jan 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=10986>
  • roadkill

    not a project, but a waste of time!

  • nomad

    beautiful execution of his stance on architecture however I question its functionality with extreme weather conditions. Would like to see less conceptual drawings and some more detail drawings to see if these spaces act like ‘air gaps’ for insulation or that they are truely open

  • http://www.odris.blogspot.com odris

    robin hood’s houses

  • http://www.contemporaryartdaily.com Contemporary Art

    A gorgeous structure! This looks incredibly beautiful. What will the roofing be made out of? More details would definitely be interesting. But this is very tantalizing.


    • João

      What roof???
      There´s no roof!

  • Hamster

    Where is the house???

  • Hamster

    No…just Kidding.
    I like very much the idea and the proportions of the proyect…the walls look monumental!

  • xing

    to think and work out of box, focusing on its relationship, the soul and so-called space senseness is the typical Japanese architecture thinking. However,for this extreme and specific location, it is just an different offer. not a well-fit idea, regardless to say its habitation comfort. In addition, this is a commerical compelx and need to be sold eventually, i hope the architect kept this in his/her mind.

  • architect student

    this project really doesnt seem to have any cohesion. the visuals although good, do not show anything!? a bit more research would have helped… how do the spaces interact… need more drawings

    • claudia

      If you would have looked closely…..you would have seen what this project means. Sou Fujimoto is a great architect, and the concept of this house in incredible, it brings the outside spirit and light to the interior. And the room, and dining, and so on, are very well thought. So, you should think again before sayin that this house doesn’t have any cogesion… :)

      • claudia

        cohesion*, sorry

  • pedja

    F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

  • Zsolesz

    Kibaszott jo!

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  • Richie

    This is very interesting as a truly experimental type of house but the presentation makes it difficult to visualise how it would actually work in practice, or how it would feel to be in those spaces – more images would be helpful..

    • Gorgos

      Agreed, its difficult to see the different relations at materialization. At first glance it reminds me of the `les cols` pavilions of RCR architects.

  • http://www.mlaopodi.gr Maria-Louiza Laopodi

    I like the “robin hood” air to this project. I would also like to see some details on the way it will be constructed. Generally the concept about space is well thought. I wonder how circulation would work.

  • musser

    Completely thoughtful.

  • claude.mallia

    my wife would need a gps to find my lost son!
    quit on ORDOS please.

  • the

    Sou Fujimoto produces some of the most innovative architecture today. we’ll see a lot of him soon

  • Bender

    I’m a self aware comment.

  • Rocket Valentino

    Sou Fucking Fabulous! I totally agree that the material shown is pretty thin, but didn’t they have only 100 days on these projects? I can’t wait to see this universe materialise.

    Reminds me of both House N and the Center for mentally disturbed children.

  • http://www.mentaventures.net hector

    Beautiful, mindful, the best project for Ordos.

  • http://www.julesandrebrown.com Jules Andre Brown . Com


    Really Cool – Thank you for this. A glass roof would be awesome.

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  • Nom_de_Guerre

    Sou Fujimoto is the best young architect working today.

    Seriously, check out his work.

    • João

      that´s a BIT exaggerated

  • jemz


  • momotalo

    poetic mindful project, very interesting.
    and a good client.

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  • fengjun

    I like his idea! I went to the city where these projects are,it’s a good way to make this walls to react bad situation.
    I think it will be very nice if have a taller tower so can see faraway.

  • Ugaitz

    Its like… labyrinth… …I love it!

  • Lawrence

    Nice project, however looks like House N taken too far, I mean its a house and needs at least some enclosed spaces, plus the site is in the dessert, can the beautiful qualities show on the model be ever realised? this is very questionable.

  • Cleven

    all he can do is planting trees

  • victor m sosa

    This project is an excellent example of an open structure, which addresses the concept of the house of a symbolic form.