São Chico Private Retreat / Studio Paralelo

Architects: Studio Paralelo
Location: São Francisco de Paula, RS – Brazil
Contractor: Sull Frame
Frame: Formac Brasil
Steel Frame Engineering: Formac Chile
Concrete Engineering: Multiprojetos
Lighting: Eficientysul
Wood Stoves: Amesti Brasil
Site Area: 1610 sqm
Constructed Area: 82 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007
Photographs: Eduardo Aigner

A shelter for the weekends. That is the proposal of this house located in São Francisco de Paula, mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul, 100 km away from Porto Alegre. Placed in the center of the area, surrounded by the forest, the house overcome a soft declivity, resting itself on a reinforced concrete slab raised from the ground in order not to intervene with the natural profile and to exempt it of the ascending humidity.

Its volumetry is simple: two rectangular boxes of different textures intercepted. The bigger one, covered with metallic wavy tile, shelter the intimate sector with two bedroom suits in opposite sides. The second box, in wood and more transparent, crosses the metallic pavilion configuring the social and service sector. From this crossing, a wood deck overhang over the vegetation, crossing the main body of the house exerting the access function, hall of distribution and .

The house was thought from a simple logic structural, with modules of 1.20 x 1.20m arranged by steel frame upon a concrete base. The composition of the walls is proper of the constructive system: a sandwich formed by drywall, rockwool, osb and permeable membrane isolating the structure of the humidity.

Only in the wood box the interior cover is the same of the exterior. Complementing the structure, a concrete block box, half-embedded, retreat in relation to the base, conforms the foundations sheltering in the biggest unevenness a small deposit.

The project looked for to answer the necessities of the program desiring to delimit the constructed space, without merging or camouflaging themselves, but assuming the landscape without competing with it.

Constructive process:

The option to construct in steel frame occurred by two main aspects: agility in the construction, falling the working time in situ, and the control over the constructive process therefore executing the metallic structure in a shed in Porto Alegre, 100 km of the house area, made possible a daily supervision of the team technique supported for an equipped structure of the place.

At the end of two weeks, all modules of walls and segments in frame were being carried to the final assembly in the area. That stage took more 8 weeks for conclusion of the services.


For accomplishment of the project and execution of the shelter the partnership with the supplying companies was essential. On the definition of the constructive system, we count on the experience of Placo Center and Formac. Second, company of Chilean origin that acts in Brazil since 2005, supplied all the steel frame and system of sliding doors beyond calculating and designing the structure.

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  • Rokas

    Nice in overal composition,but the kitchen-dining table-wc is a mess, and I, personally,don’t like this part of the plan at all.

  • http://www.contemporaryartdaily.com contemporaryart

    I really like the outdoor space and especially the possibility for the separate bedroom area. It would be a nice idea for an addition to many existing houses, putting on an outdoor covered area like this connecting to a guest house of sorts. And I always like corrugated metal.


  • Osy

    Nice project. Simple and effective.
    Good composition and relationship with the surround.
    I would like to agree with Rokas, partially.
    The kitchen is almost there, and in the bathroom i suppose we can´t stand up in tub without showing your parts to the neighbors.
    Anyway, this is a new born brazilian studio, at least to the media, inclusive brazilian media, and here we need people doing things that are different, in a good way. And it´s the case of Paralelo.
    Hugs guys.

  • Cameron

    You just have to admire the simplicity and belonging to its environment.

  • alvaro

    i must say the composition is great and the way it relates to its surroundig is beautiful…al least how its shown in the pictures. I must also say that the pictures in itself have a beautiful composition, thmbs up to the photografer. I do have a question, i´m just starting to study architecture so i don´t have much criteria so I would like to know why rokas says that the kitchen-dinning table-wc is a mess. if you would be so kind to answer i´d really apreciate it.


  • glaucio de souza

    i`m very pleased to know that here in brazil we have professionals with international level, and that they are building beautiful and uncommon houses!
    congratulations to the studio paralelo team.
    glaucio de souza – architect – florianópolis/sc

  • http://gwarchitects.co.za Jason

    Nice project guys, the simplicity works well as a contrast to the natural.

  • Julio Cézar Guerreiro

    The bathroom of Service, which some pointed as a problem in the project, is connected to the service area and not the kitchen.

  • João

    totally agree with Glaucio… excelente trabalho pessoal, parabéns ao Studio Paralelo…

  • Rokas

    Service area?And to the toilet they go throught the window?You must pass throught the kitchen(and somebody is working just…making the breakfast for example),the area is ok for the kitchen-but theres an intersection of routes and connections which shouldnt intersect…I agree-the toilet door isnt right on the view-thanks God for that! :).

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