A Peripheral Moment

This book is an account of the highly productive decade of architectural experimentation in lodged between the violent break-up of Yugoslavia and their slow integration into the EU. Ivan Rupnik guides the reader through the emergence of this bizarre and fascinating architectural scene on the very edge of united Europe, utilizing Ljubo Karaman’s theory of the periphery as a distinct space of artistic production from that of the center or province, Manfredo Tafuri’s concept of architectural experimentation, as well contemporary notions of agency.

Back in 2009 we went to Croatia to see this architecture scene first hand, and we featured many of the projects presented in this book, that you can check out on our list of Croatian projects before you buy this book. Further info and photos after the break.

The account is framed using a variety of different lenses, including the observations of this moment by renowned writers, through the atmosphere of the period as defined by Croatia’s complex post-socialist/postwar identity and the subsequent positioning of the architectural profession vis-a-vis that context, the practices that emerged , and through a series of discussions with some of the peripheral moment’s primary agent provocateurs: 3LHD, njiric +, Randic – Turato, and STUDIO UP.


8 O. A Peripheral Moment
18 I. Observations
20 Late Modern Lares –
22 Meta Balkan – Aaron Betsky
30 Fertile Delay – Stefano Boeri
34 Croatia, The Laboratory of Change(s) – Manuel Gausa
41 The Croatian-Ness of Croatian Architecture – Hans Ibelings

48 II. Atmosphere
50 Post-Socialist/Postwar Identity
52 Memorial Bridge, 3LHD
54 Jasenovac Memorial Center, hpnj+
55 Water Tower Memorial, Radionica Arhitekture
56 Church Fortress A, njiric+njiric
57 Pope John Paul II Pastoral Center, Randic-Turato
58 The Resurrection, Stanislav Bavcevic and the Brodosplit H. W. Veterans Association
59 Field of Crosses, Nikola Basic
60 Dubrovnik Defenders Memorial, Igor Franic
61 Croatian Pavilion Expo 2005, 3LHD

62 Frameworks, Ivana Franke, Petar Miskovic, Lea Pelivan, Toma Plejic

64 The Peripheral Architect and the Provincial Reality
66 Les Lieux Magique, njiric+njiric
67 Frames of the Metropolis
68 Covjek I Prostor Magazine
69 Europan, various authors
70 Villa Klara, 3LHD
71 Zagrebacka Center (Mercator), Igor Franic
72 Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, various authors
74 Pos – Government Backed Housing Construction Program
76 Social Infrastructure, various authors
78 Professional Agency, Sasa Randic
80 38th Zagreb Salon, 41st Zagreb Salon, Croatian Architects Assoication
81 Communication: Split Talks, Pogledaj.To+Gaf Exhibitions and Conferences, 44th Zagreb Salon, Croatian Architects Association
82 Competition Boom
84 Cvjetni Prolaz (Flower Passage)

88 III. Practices
90 Baumaxx Hypermarket, njiric+njiric
98 McDonalds Drive-In, njiric+njiric

102 Zagrad Center, Randic-Turato
110 P10 Mixed-Use Complex, Studio Up
124 Spectator Group Headquarters, Studio Up

138 Zagreb Dance Center, 3LHD

150 Krsto Frankopan Elementary School, Randic-Turato

160 Pope John Paul II Pastoral Center, Randic-Turato

170 Lapidarium, Randic-Turato

180 Katarina Frankopan Kindergarten, Randic-Turato

186 Kindergarten MB, njiric+

196 Gracani Mini-Settlement, njiric+

204 Rural Mat Housing, njiric+

216 Split Riva, 3LHD
226 Zamet Center, 3LHD

240 Sports Hall, 3LHD
246 Gymnasium 46 degrees 09 minutes N / 16 degrees 50 minutes E, Studio Up

264 Superdalmatia, njiric+
268 Hotel Rovinj, Randic-Turato
270 Hostel Golly_+Bossy, Studio Up
274 Hotel Lone, 3LHD

276 IV. Discussions
278 3LHD – Collaboration – Materiality – Urbanism
283 njiric+ – Housing – Iconic Architecture and Vernacular Signs – Indeterminacy
287 Randic-Turato – Field Experiments – (anti)Icons – Event Planning
292 Studio Up – Urbanism – Identity (Corporate Voids) – Competitions (Design Process)
297 Reflections
318 Credits


Croatia, 2011 Edited by: Ivan Rupnik Contributors: Kenneth Frampton , Aaron Betsky , Manuel Gausa , Hans Ibelings , Stefano Boeri ISBN: 8492861576 Pages: 320 Language: English

Cite: Rosenberg, Andrew. "A Peripheral Moment" 17 Jun 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=107018>