Chilean House / Smiljan Radic

Architect: Smiljan Radic Clarke
Location: Los Lirios, Rancagua,
Collaborators: Danilo Lazcano, Gonzalo Torres
Structural Engineer: Claudio Assar Olguín
Technical Inspection: Smiljan Radic
Contractor: Eugenio Durán
Constructive System:
Project Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2006
Site Area: 1600 sqm
Constructed Area: 210 sqm
Photographs: Gonzalo Puga

These two houses -actually there´s only one built- recall the houses of tenant farmers in the Chilean countryside: the existing walnut trees haven´t been touched, the outside has been denied thanks to a whitewashed perimetral wall.

An inner courtyard with the possibility of being covered with an agricultural tarpaulin fixed to its wall to provide shade, an austere living room with bits of an exterior spread throughout the courtyard, a roof of painted untreated wood and bedrooms painted in bold colours.

Cite: "Chilean House / Smiljan Radic" 01 Jan 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • musser

    I would really love to have seen a few interior photos.

  • Contemporary Art

    I agree with musser. But even without them, I can tell this house is gorgeous. The photographer was very smart to wait for cloud cover; this house has a mystery that is very compelling. Those trees in the courtyard are stunning.

  • fino

    very poetic and site specific in the most honest way. bravo.

    That is all.

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  • atelier_mr

    Compelling, though I only wonder about the deep Miesian beam framing between the courtyard and the tree. A beam the depth of the framing above the windows would have sufficed, unless of course it does something else. Doubtful.
    Just a thought. Still beautiful.



  • mari

    looks like a stall house by pierre koenig

  • Vargas

    Grande projecto, um exemplo como se pode fazer arquitectura de topo e de grande significado.
    Muito bom…

  • ade

    this house has the “mies van rohe spirit” in the geometry of space. is it true…?

  • mathias

    Instant classic.

  • eriq

    Perhaps one of the most elegant houses I’ve ever seen. The tree-framing compositions are almost painfully poetic, the plan is beautifully simple. All at once, private, open, wondrous, and it even manages to respond actively to the site & climate. My firm has a project on this site nominated for Building of the Year, but I’m voting for this one instead! These guys are my new favorite architects. Outstanding, very well done.

  • bruno

    Bonita, austera, simple, clara. Pero reconozcámoslo: INSOLADA!

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