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This Student-Run Website Is Experimenting With Architecture Through Cubes 

06:00 - 21 August, 2017

From the first moment you enter architectural education, tutors tell you repeatedly and often passionately that the learning never stops; this is how it is going to be from now on. Student platforms are an example of our efforts to share our discoveries, many emerging out of the tension between academia and independent learning. From the post-digital advocate KoozA/rch to university publications like The Bartlett's Lobby, AA files, or Yale School of Architecture’s Perspecta, research and media platforms represent the creative consciousness of our generation today. Volume64 is a recent newcomer born out of this tension, and behind it is a team myself and my colleagues have founded and run. Through ArchDaily, we’re sharing a little bit of our story so far.

"Giant Snakes and Ladders" By Christopher Delahunt. Image © Volume64 "The Cave" By Georgi Belyanov. Image © Volume64 "Unknown Ingredients" By Lloyd Lee. Image © Volume64 "Flash Memorial" By Johanna Just. Image © Volume64 + 26