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After "Are We Human?" – Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley Discuss the Istanbul Manifesto

With Are We Human—the exhibition of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, which ran for one month at the end of 2016—curators Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley were researching the fundamental notion of ‘design’. Their historic, cultural and conceptual exploration attempted to unravel the various programs and ambitions behind a (mainly) market driven inventiveness, which is presented as progress. This pushed the notion of design and the biennale as a format beyond their established definitions.

Curatorial Team, The Invention of the Human. 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial (2016) – Alt. Image © Sahir Ugur Eren Curatorial Team, Design in 2 Seconds – Curatorial Intervention. 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial (2016) – Alt. Image © Sahir Ugur Eren Pedro Alonso, Hugo Palmarola, Archaeology of Things Larger than Earth. 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial (2016) – Alt. Image © Sahir Ugur Eren m-a-u-s-e-r, Köçek Dance Floor. 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial (2016) – Alt. Image © Sahir Ugur Eren + 9

A Tilting Horizon: Reflecting on 50 Issues of VOLUME and What's Yet to Come

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In this editorial from VOLUME's milestone 50th issue, Arjen Oosterman—the magazine's Editor-in-Chief—reflects on over ten years of cultural production and discourse and outlines what is to come. ArchDaily will be sharing a selection of the articles from this issue over the coming weeks.

Moving forward implies looking back. When we started this research engine called VOLUME in 2005, economic, political, and social conditions were very different to how they are today. The intention to rethink the agency of ‘beyond’ as driver for change inevitably means historicizing the trajectory of the VOLUME project so far. That said, we really didn’t want to turn VOLUME itself into the subject of reflection. So we’ll instead talk about the present and, in so doing, find history creeping its way in whether we like it or not.

Welcome to Futureland – Volume #49: Hello World!

The FutureLand Express departs once daily—three times on Sunday—in front of FutureLand, the information center of the latest extension of the Port of Rotterdam. The bus tours Maasvlakte 2, as the area is called, for seventy-five minutes, showing visitors 2,000 hectares of artificial ground for port activities and ‘nature’. The dredging of 240 million cubic meters of sand for land reclamation was just beginning in 2008; back then, this was, literally, future land. However, FutureLand’s promise of witnessing the future through a bus window goes beyond sightseeing record-breaking civil engineering works. Maasvlakte 2 is also home of the two most technologically advanced container terminals in the world.