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Álvaro Siza and Others Imagine Possible Scenarios for a Reconstructed Syria

Sketch for Syria, a project initiated by by Marco Ballarin and Jacopo Galli at IUAV, Venice, has brought together 150 architects from 26 nations in a large-scale effort to "imagine, trace and share possible scenarios" for Syria, following the recent devastation of the lives of its citizens and a significant amount of its architectural heritage.

In response to the United Nations' (UN-ESCWA) drafting of an agenda on July 14th, 2016 to consider ways of reconstructing the country, this drawing project has attracted contributions from the likes of Álvaro Siza, Philippe Rahm, Peter Wilson, and Francisco Aires Mateus.

Marco Ferrari / Italy. Image © Sketch for Syria Sean Godsell / Australia. Image © Sketch for Syria Philippe Rahm / France. Image © Sketch for Syria Ahmed Al Sahli / Syria. Image © Sketch for Syria + 19