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Tetrarc Architects Unveils Design Proposal for the Rennes Conservatory

France-based Tetrarc Architects has revealed their design for the new Conservatory of Rennes in France. Intended to be the cornerstone of a new urban project, the fifty-meter long cubic volume is intersected by “cuts and curves that give it an elegant, sculptural presence.” This cultural facility will bring five programs under one roof, including spaces for musical activities, an auditorium, dance theaters, administration spaces, and an area for the Pont Supérieur Music Department.

Video: 'Manny / Tétrarc' by Stéphane Chalmeau

Earlier this year, French photographer Stéphane Chalmeau shared with us “Manny”, a project by Tétrarc. Now, we are featuring Chalmeau’s first movie about this project. Enjoy it!