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Split-Level Homes: 50 Floor Plan Examples

08:00 - 27 August, 2018
Split-Level Homes: 50 Floor Plan Examples , Cortesía de Fabián Dejtiar
Cortesía de Fabián Dejtiar

Faced with the challenge of designing homes on terrains with steep slopes - or in compact urban contexts that do not allow much variation in plan - several architects have experimented and proposed split-level homes to enhance the use of space, allowing, among other things, interesting visual perspectives.

These variations can be seen in numerous examples published on our site. Below, we have selected 50 examples that can help you in your next project. 

Small Cafe Designs: 20 Aspirational Examples in Plan & Section

14:00 - 17 June, 2018
Small Cafe Designs: 20 Aspirational Examples in Plan & Section, © Yu Cheng
© Yu Cheng

Cortesía de xm3 Cortesía de Andrés Jaque Cortesía de Office AIO Cortesía de I Like Design Studio + 59

The interior design of a coffee shop can make-or-break an establishment. With an inviting design, you can transform drinking a simple cup of coffee into a wonderful experience. However, when you only have a few square meters and various machines and properties to distribute, finding an efficient configuration is not easy.

To help you make better use of small spaces, below we have gathered a selection of 20 small cafe projects alongside their design drawings.