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Satoshi Okada: The Latest Architecture and News

'Thinking of Shadow' Workshop by Satoshi Okada

Courtesy of Ajman University of Science & Technology
Courtesy of Ajman University of Science & Technology

Taking place October 18-23 at Ajman University of Science & Technology, UAE, Japanese Architect, Satoshi Okada, will be putting on an architectural workshop titled, ‘Thinking of Shadow’. As the founder of Satoshi Okada Architects, Okada is known for his simplicity with sublimity even in warmhearted spaces for human activities and even spirituality in rich materiality and delicate details. He believes that “…building activities, on one hand, are nothing but destruction of whatever exists; nevertheless, all the more because of it, they have to compensate it by a beautiful gift of artifice more than before”. For more information on the event, please visit here.