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Enter Now in RTF’s Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020

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In its 9th consecutive year, with the launch of Architecture, Construction, and Design Awards 2020, Rethinking The Future (RTF) is inviting architects and designers to submit their projects under the various building, interior, and product categories. RTF now offers even more opportunities for encouraging accomplished and up-and-coming design minds. Rethinking the Future has been a leading organization committed to recognizing and acknowledging innovative and future-sensitive designs worldwide. RTF celebrates and shares its knowledge base through a plethora of awards, events, and academic dialogues in the field of Architecture & Design.

Winners of 2017 "Rethinking The Future" Awards Present Radical Solutions to Present-Day Problems

Architecture platform Rethinking the Future (RTF) has announced the winners for their annual “Rethinking the Future Awards,” collecting over 500 entries from 30 countries. Established in 2012 in New Delhi, India, RTF aims to create a “new window on international trends in architecture and design” by considering “radical solutions for the present day problems facing the domain.”

“Each of these projects represents the best of architecture and design across the globe, where innovation and creativity are intersecting,” says RTF on the 18 winning entries covering projects ranging from residential to cultural architecture. The competition was open to both students and professionals and drew a diverse collection of built and unbuilt works.

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