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S.Deer Corporate Headquarters / Prechteck

S.Deer Corporate Headquarters / Prechteck - Image 5 of 4
Courtesy of Prechteck

The main idea behind the design for the S.Deer Corporate Headquarters building was to create a world of fashion underlining the lifestyle the retail company stands for. As fashion is not just about clothing, the new S.Deer headquaters should not just be about administration. Inspired by S.Deer’s appearance design, Prechteck‘s proposal implemented rotated cubes as a formal element in their design. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Modular Pavilion / Prechteck

Modular Pavilion / Prechteck - Image 2 of 4
Courtesy of Prechteck

Held every five years, the competition for this year’s pavilion called for a temporary building which may be easily disassembled and relocated to another site. The modular pavilion by Prechteck exists of different parts, housing different functions, all singular cells, but the strongest in coexistence with its neighboring parts. The main concept is that during the 5 years, each cell can be assembled in a different German city and serve as an info booth to the next. At the beginning of the next five years, the parts get transported back and get reconnected on site. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Timisoara's Highseat / Prechteck

Timisoara's Highseat / Prechteck - Image 12 of 4
Courtesy of Prechteck

Designing a gathering point for the city of Timisoara, Prechteck’s main focus for the pavilion was to stand out as an attractor and fit in the context at the same time. Located within the green lung of the city with direct connection to its surrounding districts and due to its vertical orientation, the highseat has a great potential to serve as a cultural, social and urban focal point to attract people back to the park. More images and brief project description after the break.

National Library of Austria Extension / Prechteck

National Library of Austria Extension / Prechteck - Image 3 of 4
Courtesy of Prechteck

The design proposal for the extension to the National Library of Austria by Prechteck is to be seen as an extension of the bordering park and takes off at its northwest end to cross over the drop-off lane on 4.5m with a twist. The design then arches back to the ground level to blend into the landscape. More images and description after the break.