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400 Years of American Housing

15:02 - 20 August, 2015
400 Years of American Housing, © Pop Chart Lab
© Pop Chart Lab

From 17th century Postmedieval English homes to the “McMansions" of the 90s, check out Pop Chart Lab's structured survey of 121 North American homes from the past 400 years. Sorted into seven major categories and 40 subdivisions, the comprehensive diagram highlights the morphology of homes throughout the US.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artists, much like the Brooklyn-based company's popular "Schematic of Structures" poster that features mankind's 90 greatest architectural achievements.

90 of Mankind’s Greatest Architectural Achievements

01:00 - 25 September, 2014
90 of Mankind’s Greatest Architectural Achievements, © Pop Chart Lab
© Pop Chart Lab

Hagia Sophia, Guggenheim Bilbao, and Burj Khalifa are amongst 90 structural feats in which Pop Chart Lab has deemed to be “mankind’s greatest architectural achievements since prehistory.” Each are hand-drafted and presented on this blueprint-style infographic to commemorate great architecture.