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This Captivating Parametric Dessert Celebrates the Discovery of a New Type of Chocolate

Image <a href=''>via Dinara Kasko's website</a>
Image via Dinara Kasko's website

Ukranian pastry chef Dinara Kasko is creating architecture so small, it fits on your dessert plate. Her newest creation, the Algorithmic Modeling Cake, is a celebration of chocolate and geometry worthy of your best china.

The edible masterpiece was made in honor of the creation and unveiling of an entirely new type of chocolate—Ruby. After over a decade of development, earlier this year cocoa producer Barry Callebaut successfully produced what is claimed to be the first new natural color for chocolate since white chocolate was created over 80 years ago. Pink in color, it is right on trend, fitting in perfectly with both the popularity of "millennial pink" and with social media’s brightly-colored food craze including obsessions such as rainbow bagels and Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappucino.