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Call for Submissions: "Vernacular" — Paprika! Volume 4, Issue 6

In the spirit of Virgil Abloh we put quotation marks around the word "vernacular." Then we replace the word with a blank and ask you to fill it in. What do they build with where you're from? What do indigenous houses look like? What methods do they prefer and who actually uses them? This issue of Paprika!, a weekly journal at the Yale School of Architecture, will probe the architectural vernacular, a concept increasingly in vogue but equally undefined.

We invite all essays and comments that reevaluate the “vernacular" in contemporary design, encouraging specific examples where possible. We also invite

Call for Submissions: Paprika Vol. III, Issue 07

Edges, whether defining physical space or conceptual territories, provide a charged zone for interaction. The edge—solid or porous, fixed or fluctuating—formalizes difference and shapes relationships between different groups. The articulation of these zones becomes a political act, bringing conditions to public view, creating allegiances or separations, and generating dissonance through heterogeneity.