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Notebook: The Latest Architecture and News

Architools Crafts the Perfect Minimalist Notebook for Architects

After creating the perfect sketchbook, Architools is back with a minimalist notebook made for designers and architects alike. The project is now raising funds on Kickstarter, and aims to bring a subtle elegance to the humble notebook. Named the Dérive, or “drift” in French, the notebook embodies qualities of wanderlust and sensory exploration. Featuring refined materials and design, it was made to inspire the next project or adventure.

Is Morpholio's New "Journal" App the Future of Sketching?

Continuing their streak of new apps for architects and designers, today Morpholio has released their latest work – a digital notebook known as “Journal.” An improvement to existing digital sketchbooks, Journal seeks to capture the day-to-day recording of ideas, inspiration, thoughts and recollections of an analog notebook as faithfully as possible. Unlike most digital sketchbooks, Journal allows users to combine the amalgamation of photos, images, hand sketches and drawings that a real journal might encompass, lending new material to the debate between digital versus analog. But could such an app ever really replace the role that analog journals have in the life of an architect? To find out, we spoke to the people of Morpholio about Journal and the future of digital and analog media.

Work by Karl Bengzon. Image Courtesy of MorpholioWork by Jimenez Lai. Image Courtesy of MorpholioWork by Stallan-Brand. Image Courtesy of MorpholioWork by Javier Galindo. Image Courtesy of Morpholio+ 10