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Superbowl Project / Supermachine Studio

04:00 - 15 May, 2012
Courtesy of Supermachine Studio
Courtesy of Supermachine Studio

The Superbow Project, designed by Supermachine Studio, is a proposal for a sustainable city of its own. Using Nakornsawan, Thailand as a location to implement their vision of a giant hydraulic tool in the network, they place a new ‘Water’ city in between the two rivers to slowly generate a new way of living for Nakornsawan’s people. The city, located by 2 rivers Ping and Nan, is usually flooded every year, but in 2011 the water broke the protecting levee into the city’s center. The whole town of Nakornsawan sank into one meter plus deep water. Therefore, this project aims to build a massive hydraulic tool that is habitable as an extension of the city or as a new city itself that all of people in the old city can move into. More images and architects’ description after the break.