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Marghera City of Making: International Design Competition Exhibition

The invited design competition aims to explore visions and urban schemes envisaging the re-articulation of manufacturing areas in the territory in-between Mestre and Marghera industrial area. In a condition of radical transformation of labor and productive activities, among the ones that are suitable for Marghera areas, some relevant processes seem to be more feasible and innovative. They consist of the increase of the level of digital content within enterprises, the profound innovation in the manufacturing sector, the inclusion within circular economy processes, the ever-increasing sharing of services and equipment that become places for urban sociality.

Venice Isn't Sinking, It's Flooding – And It Needs to Learn How to Swim

“Will you look at that? St. Mark’s Square is flooded!” An Australian day tripper is astonished. “This place is actually sinking,” her friend casually exclaims. They, like so many I’ve overheard on the vaporetti, are convinced that the Venetian islands exist on a precipice between the fragility of their current condition and nothing short of imminent submersion. With catastrophe always around the corner a short break in Venice is more of an extreme adventure trip than a European city-break. If it were true, that is.