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Yongnian Food Market, Julu Foods Group / Roarc Renew

02:00 - 18 August, 2019
Yongnian Food Market, Julu Foods Group / Roarc Renew, © Freeman
© Freeman

Fresh meat paving with a cleaner and more hygienic display freezer and console. Image © Freeman Booth shop node details. Image © Freeman The aquatic product stall has a unified operation platform. The countertop design is convenient for merchants to change water and get goods. Second, to prevent sewage overflow.. Image © Freeman Yongnian market open-up. Image © Freeman + 27

  • Architects

  • Location

    Shanghai, China
  • Category

  • Principal architect

    Zhenqi Bai
  • Design Team

    Leqian Xu, Huiqin Lu, Mengxuan Sheng, Junyi Yang, Yejing Wu
  • Construction consultants

    Tang Yuanhua from Aoyang Demonstration Tool Plant, and Zhang Chenghua from Shanghai Jielu Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Employer

    Shanghai Julu Foods Group
  • Area

    1000.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs