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15 Houses and Their Inhabitants: The Best Photos of the Week

11:00 - 8 October, 2017
Cortesía de Atelier Vens Vanbelle
Cortesía de Atelier Vens Vanbelle

© Toby Scott © Fernando Guerra |  FG+SG © Sasha Juliard © Isaac Ramírez Marín + 16

We are accustomed to seeing photographs in which architecture is recorded without any occupants, or perhaps captured only with models who give scale to the spaces shown. However, in recent years architectural photographers have increasingly decided to humanize the houses they document, presenting not only their architecture, but also those who inhabit these buildings. In this week's best photos, we present a selection of 15 houses captured by renowned photographers such as Luc Roymans, Adrien Williams and Fernando Schapochnik.