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Hotel Liesma Proposal / Jevgenijs Busins & Liva Banka

Courtesy of Jevgenijs Busins & Liva Banka
Courtesy of Jevgenijs Busins & Liva Banka

The proposal for Hotel Liesma, by Jevgenijs Busins & Liva Banka, is designed for a music-themed upscale Hotel Competition in Jurmala, Latvia. It is the meeting point of waves and coast, wind and pine-trees, ideas and people, various music rhythms and audition. The architecture of the building is characterized by calisthenics of facades. The basic construction has remained untouched but facade has been changed completely. The facade has a wavy shape with vertical wooden constructions. Hence the classical traditions of architecture of Jurmala have been honored. Wooden materials in various tones and factures are used as the predominant materials in the design. The rhythm of vertical lines of glued pine wood gives the building an appeal as it associates with boles of the wood and embraces the building in the landscape of Jurmala. More images and architects’ description after the break.