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Stunning Images of Stone Architecture, Take II: The Best Photos of the Week

12:00 - 19 November, 2017
© César Bejar
© César Bejar

The use of stone is gaining popularity more and more in architectural design. Though it is an ancient construction technique, these days the texture that stone offers to spaces is having an undeniable impact on the many architects incorporating the material into their projects. For this reason, this week we present a second installment of stunning images of stone architecture, including 15 amazing images of this construction system by renowned photographers such as Hannes Henz, César Bejar, and Erieta Attali.

© César Bejar © Soraia Oliveira © Relja Ivanic © Randhir Singh + 16

New Cultural Centre in Hernani Competition proposal / Laura Alvarez Architecture

12:30 - 7 October, 2010
Courtesy of Laura Alvarez Architecture
Courtesy of Laura Alvarez Architecture

Amsterdam-based Laura Alvarez Architecture has been awarded with the second prize in the International Competition for the realisation of the New Cultural Centre in Hernani, Basque Land. The competition was launched as an open european tender organized by the municipality of Hernani. More images and architect’s description after the break.

4D LIFE | Space and Time / Laura Alvarez Architecture

12:07 - 8 July, 2010
© Laura Alvarez Architecture
© Laura Alvarez Architecture

Not only did Laura Alvarez Architecture place in Europe’s top 40 architects under 40, but the young firm also just received a unanimous first prize standing from the jury of the Customize Me! competition sponsored by the Heijmans Vastgoed & Woningbouw. Asked to provide a new vision for contemporary housing, Laura Alvarez responded with a housing model that can be aadjusted for different kinds of families and if a person suddenly changes his way of living. Entitled 4D LIFE | Space and Time – four dimensions of living, space and time are linked entities so that how the space is used directly correlates to time. ”We want to offer a house that fits all moments of life and to all kinds of standards of living. We want to offer space for personal input, for all kinds of people, independently from their origin, social status or age.” explained the architect.